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Oh, those Chinese, Japanese and  Korean ...

I'm sure everyone noticed a number of news stories from China.
Well, here they are Chinese Zateynik))
In this connection, a selection of "Oh, these Chinese. "

Tank Versus Machine

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Network has pictures under construction on the Black Sea Palace, which according to some targets, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. The so-called "palace Putin" is in the village Praskoveevka under Gelendzhik. By some estimates the cost of the building that judging by the photo almost completed, is estimated at $ 1 billion. Pictures appeared on the portal RuLeaks, who constantly attack and the site itself is almost not working.


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Dangerous Tricks

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The Crocodile attacks

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Cat with different coloured eyes

Amazing Pets

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The Funniest Prank

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Funny Clips

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brave lion man

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The Most Pathetic Baby Panda Ever

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The Sneezing Baby Panda

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As the Chinese grow indoor mushrooms

Sunken Car

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The Best Cartoon Ever

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Wildlife Collection

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Pistol Pen

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