If you are a true lover of beer, then you should know that in most western part of Czech beer is the real paradise.
In the village Khodova Plan famous brewer Chodovar offer you everything that you can only dream of.
The beer spa you can not only taste delicious natural beer, but beer and take a bath and relax
a massage with an extract of beer and get the medical packs of high quality malt!
The most interesting thing in the fountain on the other hand ... On the other hand there is the tap from which flows ... Beer! And each had an excursion can try freshest beer directly at the source, so to speak.

Amsterdam Gallery Moooi

Dutch furniture brand Moooi made ​​them redesign the Amsterdam Gallery with samples of dozens of interesting and creative furniture. The collection includes modern Life-style objects, as well as vintage masterpieces from around the world. Gallery Moooi - a place where you can select your own interior, a place where you can feel a little Dutchman. Plans Galleries Moooi - to reach positions of such important international design galleries, like MOSS, New York, Rosanna Orlandi in Milan or The Design Republic in Shanghai

 400-pound Gennady from Florida

This monster from 60 to 70 years old, 412 kg of live weight.
Rest in peace only after he received a couple of bullets from the .44 magnum between the eyes.

 Rotates to nowhere :

This bridge is located in Norway. As if going to nowhere! I would be shocked!
As if your car falls into the water ...

Amazing and worth seeing photos from the world championship of sand sculpting in Federal Way, Washington.

 We represent your attention a great collection of portraits of people somehow related to politics. With these collages can be seen how people change with age, and in some cases to see something in them, despite years and the power remains unchanged.

Many modern artists, whether they like it or not, for once in my life been close to the style of Michael Jackson on stage and in life. And all because the King of Pop was really great.

Like all artists of her generation, Lady Gaga tribute to Michael Jackson's "creative" debt. And this is expressed not only in its role as an innovator in terms of video (although mega-merit Gaga in this respect, too, considerable). Jackson wore a stunning metallic costume back in the days when Gaga wearing only diapers.

Caves have a strange fascination: they attract and frightening at the same time. In ancient times they were regarded as the gateway to the dark underground world of monsters and the afterlife, but in prehistoric times served as a refuge for people.

 Ago we began to publish the posters on the earthquake in Japan. Today - more extensive selection. What is happening in Japan - it's awful. People around the world sympathized with the Japanese and trying to draw attention to this problem with their creativity.

Agree that the idea to create a pen-type pipettes Photoshop, at least ingenious. But, as happens with most of these ideas, they remain concepts. Unfortunately, this account has befallen this fabulous stationery, which is already more than 3 years only exists on paper only. But technology does not stand still, so let's hope that very soon these pens is finally available in retail stores.


Satellite images before and after the tsunami.

Living fingers

Always liked these creatives on their own toes ...
There is an entire collection!

I have little understanding of modern art, but there are people willing to pay here for these creatives from $ 100,000.

Some fantastic examples of artistic innovations

Aqua Tower in Chicago:A bold and original architecture in Chicago. Tower of Aqua in fact - the usual box of glass and concrete. But sticking to the surface of the wavy balconies resembling ripples or waves, make it unique. Each wave is unique, which makes the construction very difficult. Yes, and introduces confusion into the apartment owners - someone's balcony bude 10 meters, and someone or two.

Finest examples of photography

From April 29 to May 5, 2011 in New York will host an exhibition titled Ideopolis, on which future Master of Fine Arts will present their theses on the theme of rethinking the way electric guitars.

A wonderful collection of amazing and beautiful images.

have a look at the funny machines

Mike Burdon
With years of experience in the field of parachuting, photographer Mike Burdon (Mike Burdon) decided to try a new genre - extreme shooting. From close range, Mike captures on camera maneuvers skydivers in the air. Depending on the planned angle, Mike uses the technique as "before" and "pursuit. "

 An interesting competition with the maids in the art of decorative folding towels arranged for the family of our fellow citizens.
Read the report, pretty cool.

Envy the children of the owners of the bedroom. 

 Crazy Photo Shop is an amazing collection of funny images

 How does the Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi over the past 30 years.

Nyiragongo volcano crater in Africa

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