Swiss foundation New7Wonders Foundation has published a very surprising list of the new seven wonders of nature. Contrary to popular opinion about the most beautiful places on our planet's natural wonders on the list were very obscure location. The winners in the competition were determined by public vote. It seems that people are tired of the old nature's wonders and chose new ones that are not so popular in geography textbooks.

Halong Bay, Vietnam

Bright and unusual parade.

This unique loft is located in a 17th century building in central Stockholm, Sweden. Previously, there was placed kofeobzharochnaya factory, and later - an architectural office. Today, the charming elements of the original architecture intelligently decorated with modern materials that give a unique character of the building area of ​​118 sq.m. Wooden beams on the ceiling, concrete walls, furniture volume, open-plan living area create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

 Marcus Thompson found the camera at the bottom of the harbor. He has been diving and saw  it in the mud.  He was able to get pictures from it and found the owner. To this end he has published images on Google Plus, telling the amazing story of their origin.
People were throwing a link to this post, until I saw the post holder SLR.

Growth of resident NSW 197 cm, of course, attracts women who like tall men, but, as hinted himself a 19 year old Welshman, this is not important: the young man says his 56-foot sizes corresponds with the size of its other advantages ...

 At the time of reduction of the helicopter about 8 meters high is one of the blades of the machine hooked rope scaffolding. In the helicopter took off the tail section, the car lost control and crashed to the ground. The pilot remained in the cabin and did not receive serious injuries. Get out he helped builders, helicopter pilot and then as a precaution was taken to hospital.

The most luxurious and beautiful car interiorsPodorka coolest car interiors. I first wanted to sign with which machine. But then I thought - we've got a lot of experts. 'll Be able to say - where the concept, but where is the real car? So mark.

 Guinness record for the largest street-3D-drawing in the world
The London duo 3D-Street-Art artists 3D Joe and Max set the Guinness record for November 17th for the biggest outdoor 3D-image.
Artists in conjunction with Reebok CrossFit created in London, drawing up to 105 meters.

Dresden is known as one of the most beautiful cities, museums in Europe. The Old Town, the famous Dresden Gallery, where visitors can admire the Sistine Madonna by Raphael, a collection of porcelain and arms - all this attracts travelers from many countries. No wonder that when viewing these sites, you can skip the unusual, but less well-known "species" in Dresden.

 The worst roller coasters
These are the original hills stand up in Germany.
The assembly took eight weeks, but the effort failed, and now in the city of Duisburg have appeared hump "Crouching Tiger and Turtle" - a roller coaster on which to go on foot, not to go in a trailer.

This girl lives in Thailand and in its 19 years it is the tallest teenager in the world.
She is even above the former tallest girl
Her height was 208.3 cm
Parents noticed that in the 9th grade at school their daughter started to grow very quickly and consulted her doctor.
Doctors discovered she had a brain tumor that caused a hormonal imbalance.
Now only expensive injections help to slow its growth.

Dictatorship - a form of government in which all the fullness of state power belongs to only one political position - the ruler (dictator), the ruling party, the ruling group of people, the ruling alliance and the ruling social class. Operation of a dictatorial regime is accompanied by radical or repressive measures against political opponents and the cruel suppression or elimination of those rights and freedoms of citizens, who in any way contrary to the position of the regime....


 Daughter of Mr. Bean
And how do you imagine the daughter of Mr. Bean? Surely it is very similar to his father.
Let's not speculate and rather look at her....

 Some stars have changed significantly, some not so ... and some just went to the benefit year

 Municipality of Rome, sometimes cleans the famous Trevi Fountain.
While cleaning out to shovel a lot of coins
tourists who throw over your shoulder to return.
By law, once the coin touches the bottom of the fountain, it becomes community property.
And that's why this cute custom brings to Rome fairly good income.
According to statistics, cleaners take out every year hundreds of thousands of euros spent on charity.
But this year, had to put money on the needs of the city - a crisis after all.

 Woman of the Year in the UK
54-year-old Carol Wright of Great Britain lost weight almost 300 pounds....

World’s oldest working model?
World’s oldest working model? Carmen Dell'Orefice still has it, You would probably think that models can only survive within the fashion industry until they reach a certain age and that the younger models will take over the jobs. But model and style icon, Carmen Dell’Orefice, has proved the opposite. Carmen, also called “the world’s oldest working model“, celebrated her 80th birthday last Friday.

 Behemoth killed his master
One farmer decided to have a hippo. He could not get enough of your pet, lecturing on the Internet pictures and wrote stories about his friendship with the favorite, in a recent speech that the hippopotamus has written for him as a son, and he understands everything, like a man.
Unfortunately, he was mistaken, his pet behaved unpredictably and killed its owner....

 Las Lajas Cathedral
The famous Catholic church in Las Lajas (El Santuario de la Virgen del Rosario de Las Lajas en Ipiales), one of the main attractions of the city kolubmiyskogo Ipiales. It is built on the bridge, laid over a precipice, and the altar lies on one of the rocks at the base of the church....

 On a mountain in China, Tiananmen dug mountain path to this extreme!
even tourists do not dare to walk on the trail
because its floor is made of special glass and is completely transparent.
Are you afraid of heights?

Pippa Middleton and boyfriend Alex Loudon 'split after blazing rows' Pippa Middleton is said to have split from her long term boyfriend ex-cricketer Alex Loudon.

Friends said the 27-year-old Royal bridesmaid and her 31-year-old beau finally called time on their three-year relationship after a string of arguments....

 A giant Easter egg in the center of St. Petersburg...

+Man called 911 five times iPhone
+Man called 911 five times iPhone, Man Called 911 Five Times IPhone, While the iPhone is arguably one of the best phones available right now, it can still be a little tricky and potentially cause some headaches. Even in cases of absolute frustration, my advice is that it’s still probably best to call the people over at Apple’s Genius Bar instead of 911.

 Pyramid Tower in Paris, from Herzog & de Meuron
Swiss architects Jacques Herzog (Jacques Herzog) and Pierre de Meuron (Pierre de Meuron), finally became the stars of architecture after the construction of their stadium project of Beijing "Bird's Nest" to the 2008 Olympics, presented the new project. It is assumed that the tower in the form of a pyramid will be built in the area of ​​the exhibition complex Porte de Versailles (Porte de Versailles) in Paris, France.
According to the project architectural firm Herzog & de Meuron building in the form of a pyramid must impress the active defenders of the environment - the tower as wind power and solar power.

 Do you think that's shown in this photo?
What is shown in this photo? Many guesses ... continued in the post!
Riddle of the day
Guess what this is? No - see inside for the answer! :

Politicians' previous jobs

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Politicians' previous jobs
Politicians' Previous Jobs, Before they were politiciams. As the recent sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain illustrate, pre-political history can haunt or help a candidate. We take a look at the lives of political leaders before they detoured into politics ­-- from actors to athletes, musicians to musclemen.

The pop star’s manager Scooter Braun has revealed the teen’s voice broke just before he hit the studio with Carey to re-record her festive hit All I Want For Christmas.

The White Temple in Thailand 
What would you think if one day, you entered a place of worship and saw on the walls a drawing of Neo from the Matrix next to Superman, flying to save the day while airplanes are crashing on the WTC towers? Crazy? Well, not in Thailand!
North of the Kingdom, near the Burmese border, is the quiet town of Chiang Rai, famous for its jungle treks and many various hill-tribes. But Chiang Rai is also home of probably the most peculiar Buddhist temple ever built: Wat Rong Khun, also known as White Temple....

 Creative Nemo Mark 7. Materials: Brass, copper, solder, planer. Buttons izgotovlkeny of bullets (balls) for airguns. Inside - the easiest phone LG. On the flip side - brand watches Q & Q, a green filter on the lens camera, the photos were obtained also in the style and tone.
Used some elements from the old Soviet alarms - basically, it's different hardware.
The antenna is derived out....

Lady Gaga dating Taylor Kinney

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Lady Gaga dating Taylor Kinney, As the usual Hollywood stance goes, nothing is officially confirmed, but if Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's 'secret' relationship is anything to go by, we'll take our chances that the Gaga and Kinney collaboration is of a romantic nature.

Famous adoptions

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Famous adoptions
Famous adoptions, In celebration of National Adoption Month, we're recognizing famous families that have welcomed children in need. Sure, you know about Angelina Jolie's brood, and you may have heard about a "Sex and the City" cast member and a star of "The Help" who just became new moms. But can you guess the celeb parents of these adoptees?

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