Masseuse Ollimpiady 2012 
Sue Kent 49 years old, she was born with the undeformed hands. Today, officially became a masseuse Sue British team at the Paralympics in 2012. Massage woman skillfully makes legs so masterfully that many professionals could learn from her. Sue's mother took during pregnancy, the drug thalidomide for nausea. That  was the cause of congenital anomalies of the hands. Today, Sue is happy that her dream to become a part of the Paralympic Games has come true.

Tony Alleyne, a big fan of Star Trek TV series, has decided to redo her apartment in the same style as the show. To achieve their dreams, it took him 6 years and over $ 150 thousand.

The apartment is in the style of Star Trek

Today was lucky to visit the exhibition of baleen, striped, furry and bald joys) it is taking place in Kiev and was the effect these things XV Open Championship of Ukraine.

Very popular in the world is to create gardens on the roofs of buildings. To remedy the lack of green area began to arrange the gardens on the roofs of office buildings, shops, houses, which might come, sit and relax people are tired of city life. The roof garden is a natural regulator of the indoor environment.

Kate Middleton Named "Hat Person of the Year", While some fashionistas may never understand Kate Middleton's love for feathered fascinators and hats that look like a giant potato chip, there's one group who appreciates the Duchess of Cambridge's whimsical toppers.

The American artist Mark Jenkins recognized the troll in the art world. His provocative sculptures put things rustling in many cities around the world, making pretty nervous hundreds and thousands of passers-by. Usually he puts his work in areas with large concentrations of people to achieve maximum effect

belly magic
How well a person can hold your stomach muscles? Cult dancer in the world of Oriental Dance Helen Vlachos proves impossible. With the help of only trained abdominal muscles she manipulates coins and paper bills with amazing dexterity, as if shifts hands. A unique record anybody can beat for several decades. This incredible video proves once again that human capabilities are almost limitless.

In the region of Indonesia's East Java volcano is Kawah Ijen, 2,6 km in height, topped by a large caldera
(depression at the top) and a lake with a depth of sulfuric acid, 200-meters.
This low activity of the volcano emits into the crater of gas fumes, which are local miners use to earn a living. Evaporation linger on natural stone and ceramic pipes, which, as a result of condensed sulfur in the form of molten red liquid, then it flows down and solidifies in the form of pure sulfur. Miners bring down the frozen pieces with steel bars. At the same time they use a minimum of protection, despite the fact that during the stand extremely hazardous gases and liquids. Then the miners shoulder the sulfur and carry it several miles to the weighing station. The cargo can weigh from 45 to 90 kg, and a miner for a day can do more than two or three walker. At the end of a long day, the miners receive 50 thousand rupees ($ 5). The sulfur is then used for vulcanizing rubber, sugar bleaching and other industrial processes.

A selection of girls with huge growth. I imagine they have interlocutors swollen neck

Finishing school, we are faced with a choice of profession, which would determine our future. Went to college, we listen to the advice of parents, more experienced colleagues and to ourselves. We spend time to study, do not sleep on the sessions, hoping to get the coveted diploma, and then suddenly start to work in a completely different industry.

Vox Populi interviewed 17 characters - who they are and what the profession is now involved?

1. Arthur studied outs in the specialty "industrial civil engineering," now works as director of the LCD "Astana"

- After graduation I worked in the profession, but the wave of the crisis that has engulfed the construction industry of Kazakhstan, left me without a job. After a long forced vacation, I got a job in the position of manager of CSC, and has grown to the level of director of the housing

Modern sculptors adorn the city is very strange creatures, whose meaning is not clear quite an ordinary person, and artistic merit raises many questions. Today, we selected ten ugliest monuments in the world.

As you remember, yesterday was the birthday of Jim Carrey, but also from Muhammad Ali.
Which we, unfortunately, forgot to congratulate:
But, better late than never - congratulations to the greatest man!

Let's look at his beautiful daughter - Laila Ali

In making tea or coffee, as in trimming the bangs, has its own nuances and essential criteria, failure of which will affect the final result. Care must be struck between not cooling the drink too much and without trimming bangs too short and burning mouth coffee will not bring any pleasure, as well as bangs covering her eyes. To solve the problem of the "ideal coffee" helps project Coffee Joulies, metal device in the form of a huge grain of coffee, which will regulate the temperature of the drink, then cooling it, then heating up again.

 Really creative

Whale shark close to sitting in a boat fisherman, who feeds her from the hands of saltwater shrimp in shallow waters off the coast of Oslob, Philippines. Local fishermen are willing to show the audience admired the amazing process of feeding the giant fish longer than 7.5 meters.

At Tokyo's Tsukiji fish market held the first of the year fish auction, which was broken a new record - for bluefin tuna carcass weight of 269 kg buyer laid 736 thousand dollars holder of such a valuable tuna became the owner of Tokyo Sushi chain of restaurants. He expressed the hope that his purchase at least to some extent help to resume buying spree in Japan, experienced in the past year, the hardest natural bedstviya.V Japan it is known as "Kuro Maguro" (black tuna), and sushi connoisseurs of rare christened his "black diamond".

The famous Japanese cat with a bow in her hair, now a symbol of a new Chinese restaurant. The first Hello Kitty-themed restaurant in Beijing recently opened its doors to all the pink lovers that cat Bobtail. Tablecloths are pink, place Kitty-shaped, and even the waitresses are dressed in pink dresses.

In the summer of 2012 TagAZ plans to sell cars in Russia, an entirely new model of its own design.
In 2011 the plant had nearly failed, they had an agreement with creditors to restructure their old debts,
because of which the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.
Before you spy photos of the very car
which may raise TagAZ from his knees.

The biggest stadium in the world located in the capital Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the city of Pyongyang. The stadium, named by the stadium, "May Day", was built in 1989 in record time - two and a half years. The project was created for the government of North Korea and has been specially commissioned for the first of May, as originally intended.

Do you know how to utilize aircraft? Or they can be used for something useful?
Here we'll tell you about another life aircraft.


When men hear the word "lesbian"
most in mind there is an image of two gorgeous ladies female.
Few of us know that lesbians are divided into four types - Booch, PEM, Claudia and dikes.
Next, I want to show you Butch.
Girls are like men.
They wash their feminine image by training, clothing, hairstyles, mannerisms.
I never would have thought that all people in the photo - women
if not read the descriptions to the photo.

Trouble (Trouble) - the largest cat in the world - a hybrid of African wild serval and a domestic cat, but the docile and playful as a kitten. When Trouble is (its name translates as "bad"), it is hard to miss, since living in Sacramento (Sacramento), California cat height at the withers 19 inches.

Mistress Debbie Maraspina Trouble (Debby Maraspina) took him three years ago, and I am glad that her cat has become famous. She was proud of her cat, listed in the Guinness Book of Records. He was able to surpass the previous record of an inch.

It is interesting to feel himself inside a large snake ... Funny home built Mexican designer Javier Senosiain. It's called Quetzalcoatl Nest (Nest Feathered Serpent) in honor of the ancient deities.

 Fantastic location ...

National Gallery of Art (Washington, USA) (National Gallery of Art) - Art Museum, located on the National Mall in Washington, DC. In Gallery One of the best museum collections in the world, including works of art of European and American artists: paintings, graphics, sculpture, watercolors, photographs, collections of porcelain and objects of decorative art.

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