As you remember, yesterday was the birthday of Jim Carrey, but also from Muhammad Ali.
Which we, unfortunately, forgot to congratulate:
But, better late than never - congratulations to the greatest man!

Let's look at his beautiful daughter - Laila Ali

Muhammad Ali was a popular figure not only because of the victories in the ring, but also because of their social position. He refused to serve in the army and opposed the Vietnam War, for which he was a few years cut off from the big box.

He spoke out against racism in the U.S. and in its wake came the organization of the "Black Muslims", followers of the struggle against white domination. All this means that he was not only the enemy of the American authorities, but also a friend of the USSR. And in 1978, flew to the Soviet Union, where he visited Muslim holy sites in Uzbekistan, held a significant battle with three of our boxers and went to a meeting with Leonid Brezhnev.

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