How old are you? And Justin Bieber 18. :)
I propose to look at his home ...

Hotel Soneva Kiri in Thailand offers tourists a comfortable restaurant space located in the trees.
Waiters serve the tables, hanging at a height of five meters, going on the rope "tracks."

Kensington Palace in London, one of the royal residences, which once lived in the Queen Victoria and nationally beloved Princess Diana, was opened to the public after restoration, which lasted for two years at a cost of 12 million pounds. The restoration and opening of the palace were confined to the diamond jubilee of the Board of Her Majesty the Queen.

Irish photographer Tony Kelly (Tony Kelly) shot 18-year-old Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber) in a brutal way for the magazine Complex.

These expensive watch - something more than just a device for calculating time. A good watch should go through the owner. Time may be precious, but it really is priceless? If you have had such a watch, you would think so! Here are the 10 most expensive watches in the world, many of which cost more than one person can make in his life.

Ilian Iliev started his career in photography as a photojournalist. He later moved to London and began professionally engaged in commercial photography. After participating in several projects as a marketing assistant, Ilian continued to develop his own unique style, which consists in an amazing combination of high commercial appeal and artistic merit. Who is behind with Iliana more than a decade of experience, both in studio and outdoors. He specializes in shooting still lifes, which include food and beverages. Photographer myself fascinated and talented chef, he loves to cook and trying to convey his passion through pictures.

One of the branches of a popular Dutch online bookstore Selexyz is located right in the Dominican church of the 13th century in Maastricht (The Netherlands).

Once, in a house in South Africa lived a giraffe named Finney.
The owner says that she was three meters in height and behaved
as a playful puppy, responding to his name, and she loved to wear hats.
For two years she lived in McRae family until the accident happened.
Baby Finney ate poisonous grass, veterinarians could not save her.
But people who talked to her, love her and remember looking at old photos.

Like, not being a rich producer from Hollywood, to gather at a party Brad Pitt, Snoop Dog, Jennifer Love Hewitt-, Keanu Reeves, Leonardo DiCaprio and other celebrities? An interesting question to find an answer masterful graphic designer Everett Hiller and his wife. Every year they organize a huge party for themselves and their friends. After that, they create a photo album, which with the help of photoshop added various celebrities. Although it is clear that some pictures "otfotoshopleny" some pictures are almost perfect, as if the stars really showed up on a simple party. The most important thing - a good pick up the original photo.

Without the art of sculpture can not be valuable.
Cut and vyleplivanie people, animals and a variety of subjects have appeared in human history, almost simultaneously with the rock art. Sculpture - it's the same picture, only bodily, and therefore express the emotions a little differently. That tells us the statue, we perceive much easier, because they are tangible and more like us than any other works of art.

Anchor Titanic

What exactly happened during the night April 14, 1912? "Titanic" was regarded as unsinkable, but the first flight he ran into an iceberg and sank. Around 1500 people were killed. Since then, the wreckage of a giant ship lying at the bottom of the North Atlantic at a depth of 3800 m

The model of the Hogwarts castle was built for the first film, "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone" and has since been used in every film. It took 86 artists and 74 other members of the team to build it.
The author of this castle, production designer Stuart Craig (Stuart Craig), was awarded the prestigious Bafta award for his work.

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One of the many amazing and unusual phenomena in humans - heterochromia, ie different color eyes one and the same person. Called an excess or shortage of melanin, and often has genetic roots. It is worth noting that some people with different eye colors look pretty good

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