One of the many amazing and unusual phenomena in humans - heterochromia, ie different color eyes one and the same person. Called an excess or shortage of melanin, and often has genetic roots. It is worth noting that some people with different eye colors look pretty good

As in the case of heterochromia in cats, people have some type of full time, and the Central Sector. Overall, when both eyes have their own color. The most common type is the color of one eye in a brown color, the other in the blue

For sectoral heterochromia is characteristic color of the iris of one eye in a few different shades of
Central heterochromia - is when the iris is the colored ring of several high-grade
But as a rule, each person has their own unique form of heterochromia. Such eyes are often called cat eyes
Interestingly, there are only three pigments that make up the iris: blue, brown and zheltyy.Opredelennoe amount of a pigment and eye color forms
This is a relatively rare phenomenon, and it shows about 10 people from 1000. Since it is genetic, it can pass through the generations and will appear much later
Different color eyes - it's pretty unusual, and definitely helps to stand out in a crowd
Animals are sometimes allocated to different eye color, most often Husky or cats, especially males with albinism

In my view, different eye color - it's very attractive, and mysterious. Heterochromia just should not be taken as a disease or mutation, and look at it as something completely

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