Shocking Asia: The Indian custom of extreme sufis
During the annual Urs Ajmer Sufi festival dedicated to commemoration of the saint Khwaja Chishti Moinuddina XII century, thousands of fakirs and pilgrims from different countries are processions through the streets of the Indian city of Ajmer. One way of public self-flagellation, peculiar to South and Southeast Asia, along with various samoprotykaniem is vykovyrivanie eyeballs with sharp metal objects.

The statue is a sculpture representing a three-dimensional image of a human figure, animal, and sometimes fantastic.

Most of the tallest statues of the world is in China, but Russia has its champions. Let us begin with the last place.

The most unusual and expensive lots auctions worldwide. People pay money to simply unrealistic seemingly ordinary things.

Porsche presented a new superpenalties with the flow rate of fuel 3 l on 100 km. Supercars typically have a reputation for fuel guzzlers, drive on the roads in the thirst for speed, but the new Porsche 918 Spyder is designed to change all that.

It is pleasant at times to indulge your body spa treatments. However, it can be done as in a normal saloon, and in one of those extravagant facilities with unusual services, which will tell "Business Style".

For example, in Exposed Erotic Hair Salon in Las Vegas at your service - 20 fatal women in bikinis. They spread the martini, and may even shave a man who came to him, if he so wishes. You can quote here in the order of his mustache for $ 20.

Yesterday drove to a gas station and could not resist the curiosity. Drove to a beautiful man and a wheelbarrow, too, decided podzalit gasoline. I approached him and a little talk with him. Asked permission to make a few pictures. He said, "Go ahead, phot." As a fan motors, I asked him, "and not tell the hood, and then the passion for hunting to look at the petrol engine." To my surprise, the man did not pontovatsya, opened and allowed to make some pictures engine compartment.

May in Norilsk

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Who out there, plus fifteen - are already cooling zhutchayshee? There is no desire to Norilsk ride? - There is spring in full swing. Look this fresh pictures from there.

25 unusual and beautiful bras

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Every year in Japan, the company «Triumph Lingerie» demonstrate new ideas for lingerie. Most of these bras will remain at the stage of development, but what prevents us to look at the luxurious lingerie.

What is depicted is not clear, it is clear when the video will be released, for which her ​​makeup.

According to the conclusions of experts visited the Earth by aliens who have sverhznaniem, forever altering the course of human history. What if it all - right? On this topic there was a lot of questions, theories, and in her field research conducted

The most unusual interior, which I had to shoot!
There are a lot of what you can tell ... but I will mention only those things that caught my eye for a short time, stay inside ...

I'll start with the most incredible rooms:

Bodybuilders around the world spend a lot of time and money to create the ideal from their point of view of the body. Many of them take steroids, hormones and diuretics.
Today, our collection is dedicated to bodybuilding competitions.

In fact, it just seems that they are stuck between the rocks, or standing on a thin vein of rock. In reality, all these stones are connected by a kind of pivot, connecting them with the more massive parts. The first case - «Arches National Park» in the U.S. state of Utah. Overall height - 39 meters. The balancing part - almost 17 meters.

In the "Garden of the Gods" (a public park in Colorado) also has its own balancing rock.
Balancing Rock, a Canadian Digby County, no less fascinating, although his height of 9 meters.

A rock-idol Brimhem Rocks, England. There are many boulders with intricate shapes that resemble animals. This "work" of wind, frost and water.
Stone mushrooms in the park «Mushroom Rock State Park», Kansas, USA.

Rocks Chiremba located in Zimbabwe, near Harare.
"Mexican hat" in Utah, USA.

"Devil's marbles', Australia.
Stone Keragbolten hung between two rocks in Norway, at an altitude of 1084 meters.
Golden stone in Myanmar, height of 7.6 meters, long poised over the abyss, but did not fall.

On the planet there are enough places where the most terrible thing to go by car. But if some of the road is really dangerous and fraught with accidents, the other - just for fun. Lovers of tickle nervishki in our time can safely go for a nice illusion of risk in China, where in 1998 - 2006 years (and this strike rate) was constructed and run-in the most mountainous hitrozakruchennaya serpentine highway in the world.

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