The most unusual interior, which I had to shoot!
There are a lot of what you can tell ... but I will mention only those things that caught my eye for a short time, stay inside ...

I'll start with the most incredible rooms:

YES ...! THIS SWING! They are fully functional ... personally, I did not check, but the worn look easy, it's quite obvious. : D

The fact that the left - a "hairy" upholstery.
So it looks like the entrance to the room:

In a room two floors, and so it looks like the second:
As soon as you climb the stairs, you are met by a huge, soft bed:
After a bit, you get to the 2nd floor of a spacious and bright living room:
This is the first floor children's room:

By the way ... for a bed, standing fan, which was a lot of feathers. I do not think that this design idea, but this item is entered into the overall concept: D

In general, the house appeared - very cozy. And if, from the language breaks down, "queer," then only with the best intentions, and the most pleasant experiences. The house and the area is still a lot of interesting things, but it is with absolute comfort.
It is the home of and for the present, the artist's bold ...

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