Well that's all. dried up photos of 2011, with no debts, go to 2012) under the cut a little card with the other fairs, filmed raid because there was no power.

Everyone has its own priorities: a girl - a room, the guy - the car.

Under the new year, Coca-Cola has created an unusual vehicle in Russia.
To many people as possible get a piece of happiness and good cheer in the New Year holidays.
Discover your happiest moments in my life and share them on a daily basis in a formal group.

Why can not you do anything on Friday 13th?
Faith in the awful day, Friday 13th supposedly came from the free interpretation of the Old Testament. Ostensibly this day Cain killed his brother Abel. Over time, this legend has acquired an enormous amount of speculation, making the number 13 in a terrible sign of distress and unhappiness. For example, at the Last Supper counted 13 participants, and the betrayal of Judas was first mentioned in the 13th chapter Evangeliya.So time only exacerbated the fear 13. For example, Franklin Roosevelt never traveled on the 13th, some hospitals do not have 13th house, and in some hotels 13th floor. And in a family where there are thirteen children, one of them will grow up a criminal.

 Fairy Bridge-largest natural bridge in the world
This bridge is called the Fairy Bridge (Xian Ren Qiao) or Bridge Fairies, it was formed when the limestone karst mountain cut through the river Buliu.

Fay is a bridge about 40 km (straight line) northwest of Fengshan in the northwestern province of Guangxi, China. Until recently, this place was not known outside of China.

The exhibition, entitled "Shooting, hunting and recreation" fans gathered weapons from around the world. This exhibition will exercise a commercial, it is visited by as true professionals and amateurs that are related to hunting or sport shooting, or their work is directly connected with any weapon. At the exhibition brings together buyers and flock from 75 countries worldwide.

Guests can see firsthand and even touch the side-arms, archers equipment, ammunition, optical devices and in general a variety of weapons. Also conducted a seminar at which talk about the latest trends in the industry of arms.


We all know very well about the planking. This is when a person lies in a horizontal position, keeping arms and legs stretched along the body. Who so lie down in the most unusual place - the cooler. At one time the photos of this unspoken competition were everywhere and the order of tired. But despite this, I want to show you the most extreme solutions plankinga.

The new Google Engineering office in London - a combination of the interior elements of science fiction, white flat surfaces and bright bold colors. Designed by some of the rooms hard to take seriously, but they are real jobs with a carefully thought-out ergonomics, which is behind all this pretentiousness and glamor. One of the interesting features of the new office: All tables are height adjustable, walls in the corridors can be used as the magnetic marker board. According to tradition, a lot of space set aside for recreation, which also can arrange informal meetings.

One photographer took photos of the plane of the sky and dropped his camera for 5000 bucks.
Like a shell, he flew down and struck the roof of an apartment house, nearly hitting a woman.

In Yekaterinburg prepared longest roll in the world. The length of the rice "sausage" with cucumber was more than 2.5 kilometers.

In 1824, the Leipzig organist and teacher named Ernest Anshults created one of the most famous Christmas songs - «O Tannenbaum (translated from German -" O Christmas Tree! "). Melody it was based on old folk motif and the words date back to 1550 year. Today, there are two versions of the German words and two of the most famous translation into English (translations are quite witting, their meaning and style of the original version has been substantially altered). Popular Russian translation existed in the XIX century and is now considered lost.
A song praising the beauty of the Christmas tree, glowing colorful lights and decorated with wonderful ornaments, remains valid to this day - we suggest you look at the most beautiful Christmas trees, shone in all the cities of the world in anticipation of the approaching Christmas. And though not all of these trees are real, after all, artificial trees are becoming more popular - but each of them gives a sense of celebration and wonder.

Contrary to popular belief, money does not grow on trees across England from time to time you can find trees whose trunks thickly bristling bent coins. The origin of the tradition is unclear. According to one version, such coins bring luck and their wishes, and on the other - promise many children, the amount of which depends on the number of coins stuck.

 Animals in Christmas outfits:

 Fancy hairstyles people.

It's unbelievable.Is it possible to sell anything.
Undoubtedly, these photos claim to be "insanity of the day."
What is strange this girl is holding?See more....

Hello friends, I am self-taught animator animation was carried away in 5-6 years. First, the course went into the thick notebooks have thicker then the old books. Unfortunately, the early works irretrievably lost and this is something that survived to the present day. Movement sometimes jerk because someone in a few places already ripped the sheets. Happy viewing.

 Here we have some creative and cool ideas for christmas room decorations.happy viewing...

 It has long came the cold, and it's time to show you the beautiful sculptures out of snow.It is highly artistic.

 Scotland has fallen on the most powerful in 15 years storm, its speed at times reached 250 kilometers per hour, reports Sky News. Ceased to operate schools, canceled flights, ferries ply not and trains. Along the coast of Yorkshire steam with three hundred passengers unable to dock due to high winds. The same wind caused the fire, the wind turbine, located in North Ayrshire.

This rating honorary American magazine People is already the 25th in a row. The tradition originated entirely at random: in 1985, as amended by discussing the upcoming Mel Gibson article on. Editor exclaimed, "Yes, he is the sexiest man alive today!". It was decided to use this remark as the title - and got one of the world's most prestigious rankings of popular beauties.

 Photos that manipulate the image without photoshop.

 Super-duper model aircraft carrier. Do you like modeling?

 Funny and amuzing pictures of skaters.happy viewing.....

One guy was in Disneyland. One of the happiest days of his life.Photos of the attractions.

Chinese barbecues

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Chinese skewers
 This is not three pieces koshatiny! There seems to spit on one kilogram of two

And they say that in China are starving

Using only egg shells modern masters do no less filigree than the famous Faberge.
Patterns on the eggshell, which create artists Lew Jensen, Don Lisk, Gary LeMaster and Brian Bayti, just incredible. To create an openwork structure of such a brittle material requires great patience and skill.

This is perhaps the most bizarre act, which I have just heard. A Chinese man found an old bag of iPad, wash it, cut into small pieces, fry and eat. Well, not moron? Why did he do?Watch the story of eating the ipad bag inside...

 Marvellous christmas tree in white house......

In early December the company Julien's Auctions conducts the auction of memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe. The event, entitled "Idols and idols of Hollywood" will be held in Beverly Hills, California.

The beach is located in the Jurassic western English county of Dorset, near Lyme Regis village. Of course, there are no dinosaurs, but the coastal rocks contain many fossils of ancient shellfish ammonites

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