Who of Hollywood beauties has changed beyond recognition

In the 80s and 90s Daryl Hannah was one of the greatest beauties in Hollywood. With his blond hair and blue eyes, the actress easily found demand in the world of cinema, which has contributed to many of her uncle, a talented filmmaker who has received for his work two awards "Oscar".

Kate Middleton hardly appears in public in the same outfit twice. But this is not about the shoes: Kate has a pair of shoes, which she carries in 2009.

Wife of Prince William loves to wear short skirts than willing to use the paparazzi :
I think her husband was not thrilled when he sees her picture in the network;

Sein Mumtaz, who lives in the Pakistani city of Lahore, just 22 years old. However, a young man desperate to find work and make a personal life because of illness, which is suffering. The disease is known as Proteus syndrome. Its main manifestations are growth of the skull bones. In the movie "Elephant Man" directed by David Lynch clearly shows the life of the Englishman Joseph Merrick, who suffered from Proteus syndrome in the late 19th century.

Residents of Lahore used to seeing Sein Mumtaz as he was, but he suffers from a guy because of progressive disease and its appearance.

Miss USA 2012

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The winner of "Miss USA 2012" was a 19-year-old Olivia Culp (Olivia Culpo), representing the state of Rhode Island (22 photos). Finale of the beauty contest was held in Las Vegas, June 3 evening local time (early morning of June 4, Moscow time .) In addition to traditional competition in swimsuits and evening gowns, pretender to the title of "Miss USA" this year had to answer questions sent to Twitter.

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