The vast majority of people use coins as money. But not Stacey Webber - an artist from the U.S. state of Indiana. In the forge of the coins she creates sculptures and objects of everyday life. I offer you pictures of work and a brief interview with the artist

 Sweet lovers love this post, cakes are beautiful.

 Who said that the location of the flag - only on a flagpole during the ceremonies? We offer a selection of photos, which fundamentally rejects this assertion!

Star voices in cartoons. Part 2 
It's very interesting to know who voiced the beloved cartoon characters.
The first part was here.

July 29 will debut in the animated Katy Perry movie - her voice tells a charming heroine of "Smurfit", reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.
"I feel just the same, a walking cartoon character," laughs Katy Perry.
The actress joined the long list of her colleagues, "borrow" their own voices cartoon characters.

 C10-ka of the highest councils
Cathedral - it is always one of the main temples of the city, or temple, dedicated to some special event, so unlike conventional churches cathedrals were built with a special majesty. Cease to be a cathedral church can not - this status is given to him once and for all. In principle, the very large size for the cathedral and not mandatory, but it is calculated from the start of long service, so you just have to do more.

 In Canada, prepared for the summer festival. During the assembly design storm began, a strong wind blew and blew almost all of the structure.

 Very cool creativity of the books.
Some works have already been, but we have complete collection for the first time....

 Yacht «Tropical Island Paradize»
The unusual design of 90-meter yacht designed by British studio Yacht Island Design.
Extravagant ship resembles a tropical island with a volcano and a cascading waterfall.

World's Most Outrageous Yachts

From $40,000 bath knobs to military-grade defense systems, these floating palaces rival even the most luxurious homes....

Catacombs of the Capuchins (Italian Catacombe dei Cappuccini) - burial catacombs located in the city of Palermo in Sicily, in which the clear remains of more than eight thousand people, most of the local elite and eminent persons - clergy, nobility, and representatives of various professions. This is one of the most famous exhibits of mummies - skeletirovannye, mummified, embalmed bodies of the dead lie, stand, hang, form a composition.
By the end of the XVI century the number of inhabitants of the monastery of Capuchin greatly increased, and there was a need for decent and spacious cemetery for the brethren. For this purpose we adapted the crypt under the temple of the monastery. In 1599 there was buried brother Silvestro of Gubbio from, and then were moved here a few remains of the previously deceased monks. In what has become the crypt room cramped, Capuchins, and gradually dug a long passage in which up to 1871 placed the body of the dead monks.

An unusual wedding ceremony:

 Hollywood beauties love to do tattoos on their bodies. Let's see what they like to portray and interpret it as!

hairstyles that you like to attract attention.Happy viewing:

 In the mansion of the project «The PAS House», which will be embodied in Malibu, California, you will be able to skateboard in all rooms and on any exposed surfaces. After all this it is intended.

In this house, the floor smoothly into the wall, who in turn pass on the ceiling, and together they form a rounded tube with a diameter of 3 meters, perfectly suitable for employment on a skateboard. Furniture in the kitchen, living room, bedroom and bathroom is integrated into the sleek lines of the walls and also acts as a surface for skating.

«The PAS House» first house designed exclusively for skateboarding. Generations of skateboarders who live in traditional houses can only dream of such a playground.

 Damn, he's cool. True secret of his "escape" is very simple. See photos.

These tiny berries are grown in South America.

some stunningly beautiful extractions from the planet.Happy viewing:

Twelve killed, over 30 wounded - that is the result of the explosion at the ammunition depot in Cyprus. Badly damaged a nearby village, where almost no intact buildings, and out of order on the island's largest power station. Serious damage caused to the site and the road between Larnaca and Limassol, where a giant funnel.

 The largest cruise liner in the world, "Oasis of the Seas" during a ceremony at the water en November 25, 2008. Cruise ship, commissioned by the company «Royal Caribbean International», left the port of Turku, Finland, October 30, 2009 in his first trip to Florida. "Oasis" is 360 meters long, has 16 decks and can accommodate a 6300 passengers and 2100 crew members.

 Some celebrities are behaving in public exactly the same in different situations, and even their facial expressions never change.

Language Megan Fox

 Ordynskaya cave
Ordynskaya Cave is the longest underwater cave in Russia, second longest underwater cave in Eurasia and the world's longest underwater cave in gypsum.See the incredible pictures inside:

 Not far from the Austrian city of Graz - at home of Arnold Schwarzenegger - was a global festival of body art,
in which competing not only artists on the naked body, but also photographers, designers and models.

 The biggest hamburger in the world, which has taken a worthy place in the Guinness Book of Records, made in California.
It weighs 353 pounds, and prepared him for 14 hours.

Carved Eggs, tracery shell 
Patterns that are created by the artist Brian Bayti are incredible. This is how the same patience and skill a person must possess in order to create such delicate structures of such fragile material.

 Meet Bryan Berg - the world's most amazing sculptor who use cards for their work.
The largest building erected them - 7.93 meters in height.

Brian will improve their skills for nearly thirty years - his first house of cards he had built in the age of eight.
Since then, he managed to get a professional architectural education at Harvard. "Usually my buildings do not collapse," says Brian.
"Due to the fact that I keep the laws of the architectural composition and structural geometry, they are very strong and stable."

 Seyler Alan (Alan Sailer) - California photographer. Alan has become famous thanks to their unusual fotoideyam. His photos were taken at the time of the collision a bullet fired from air guns, with a variety of subjects. Fruits, vegetables, sweets, wine glasses filled with various drinks, replacing Alan models.

The restaurant in the mountains
Restaurant Tusen - project by Murman Arkitekter. Located in the ski resort Ramundberget, Sweden. This amazing in terms of architecture designed restaurant for 125 persons.

 The apocalyptic images A selection of drawings, in which the authors tried to imagine what will happen if familiar to us "tomorrow" will not come ...

Best alien movies
Best alien movies. From bloblike, life-sucking amoebas to giant metal tripod visitors, sci-fi movies are full of otherworldly drama. Here are some out-of-this-world flicks.

Who just will not meet in public transport, because through the doors of the metro day pass tens of thousands of people.
And among these people come across quite unusual personality, which you will see in this post.

   Singapore is in full swing project. Huge 25 and 50-foot "trees" made ​​of concrete and steel came to the Gulf Coast.
In fact, "super trees" are masked by the power stations for the botanical garden.
Their crowns are solar panels that generate electricity for lighting the garden. And in the stems are hidden reservoirs that collect rainwater.

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