Carved Eggs, tracery shell 
Patterns that are created by the artist Brian Bayti are incredible. This is how the same patience and skill a person must possess in order to create such delicate structures of such fragile material.

 Carefully and gently, gently and affectionately from the egg first blow "stuffing", thoroughly dried in the shell, put a pencil outline of the pattern to be cut from the shell - and takes over the master. Probably, he has to work with bated breath to hand did not tremble with the device, resembling a drill, so as not to sneeze or cough is not the most crucial moment. Otherwise, long hours of hard work go down the drain.

 It is hard to imagine how many pounds of shell Benty Brian spent on the road to mastery of openwork carving sculptures out of eggs. But now even the most complex pattern of him on the shoulder. And to those who doubt that it sees a shell, but not Brian Bent, the master holds demonstrations, Sebti, master-classes.

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