Meet Bryan Berg - the world's most amazing sculptor who use cards for their work.
The largest building erected them - 7.93 meters in height.

Brian will improve their skills for nearly thirty years - his first house of cards he had built in the age of eight.
Since then, he managed to get a professional architectural education at Harvard. "Usually my buildings do not collapse," says Brian.
"Due to the fact that I keep the laws of the architectural composition and structural geometry, they are very strong and stable."

 This is the center of the skyscrapers of Dallas. To build the Berg used the 1060 decks of cards, finding so, the world record in 2007.
 The photo - a gambling center and hotel Macau, to build which was used 4000 packs (or 219 000 cards). Construction took 44 days.
 The photo - landscape of New York, which was shown in the program "Good Morning America" in 2005. This complex is built with Brian charitable purposes - to raise money to help tsunami victims. The composition included the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Flatiron Building and the Stadium, "Yankees."
 "I have a lot of techniques that I use in the construction of their facilities from the most ordinary decks of cards, which can be bought in any supermarket," explains Brian. "I do not just place the card at random, chaotic - no, I always follow a clear technology to achieve a certain visual or structural purpose. All maps are strictly under a certain angle, so that they served as a support for each other and not let each other fall under its own weight. "
 "It is important to note that all of my buildings consist only of the cards without any additional materials. I do not use any props, moreover, any funds that held a card together. "TV ad for Lexus, which was shown in the U.S. and in Asia in 2008, Bryan Berg built a unique house of cards on the roof of a sedan from Lexus - to demonstrate how the engine is running smoothly. The engine was brought, and no card has fallen. Lodge began to crumble after only excessively impulsive cotton car door.
 However, nothing lasts forever in this world and all built sooner or later destroyed - that is, without a murmur, Brian takes the relative fragility of their amazing products. "I even like to destroy their card houses, because I think the destruction of each object is also part of the creative process. What I like best to destroy them by a fan - because in that case, you can control the flow of air, its intensity and direction. It's just great! This is very interesting, actually - to see how huge towers collapsing from the breeze, like blowing up the monumental columns and walls, causing the collapse of other parts of the buildings. You can learn a lot about the laws of physics watching as a house of cards collapse. I, for example, the process of destruction brings no less knowledge than the process of construction. "The photo - Brian destroys gambling center and hotel Macau

  Hotel room Holiday Inn Keycard, built by Brian Berg, was shown in New York and Washington in 2009. It is noteworthy that this exhibit is not built out of playing cards and plastic cards from the keys of the rooms.

 Brian Berg on the bed in a hotel room Holiday Inn Keycard.
 Cinderella Castle from Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida, built by Brian in 2004.
 The State Capitol of Iowa in Des Moin, Brian Berg built in 2002.
 Card Castle Chateau Frontenac, Quebec landmark, built in the exhibition ExpoQuebec in 2007.
Brian and his model Silverstar Casino in Johannesburg, South Africa, while celebrating the third anniversary of the casino building, which was marked this year.
 Dallas Center, built in the Dallas Museum of Art in 2006.
 Brian completes the creation of one of the masterpieces of their card.
 Brian for creating a house of cards.
Bryan Berg, a master-class to create architectural structures of the charts in Johannesburg, South Africa, later this year.

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