Seyler Alan (Alan Sailer) - California photographer. Alan has become famous thanks to their unusual fotoideyam. His photos were taken at the time of the collision a bullet fired from air guns, with a variety of subjects. Fruits, vegetables, sweets, wine glasses filled with various drinks, replacing Alan models.
 With high-speed camera Nikon D40, Alan shooting various objects in a dark room and shoots them with a flash. In a second chamber provides thousands of images. The idea of ​​creating such images come to Alan when he mastered the air guns. Shot of him on a multi-colored beads and filmed these moments, for the sake of interest. Pictures of Alan got into a social network, and got wildly popular, comments enthusiasm fell on the work of Alan, and major magazines began to make him an offer. Now Alan has successfully cooperated with international brands, and continues to amaze with their works.

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