Deadly slide in Brazil. Horror

Florentin Hoffman - Dutch artist who lives in Rotterdam. He is known worldwide for its gigantic sculptures that are made in the form of articles of everyday use. Florentin now busy creating the project, which is called the "DuckTales" - the central object of which is a giant yellow inflatable duck, toy, familiar to children around the world. The artist has created a lot of ducks of various sizes, the largest of them appeared to St. Nazar, France, and its height was 26 meters. Today we offer a selection of photos of giant inflatable ducks from Florentina Hoffman, performing a triumphal voyage around the world.

Most of the celebrities we know only by their stage names and real names are "behind the scenes." Let's see what are their real names.

In Kuwait, there was a fire, which burned in stock 5 million tires.
Can you imagine this volume, and fumes, which at that time rose in the air.

 Art of Katie Alves
Katie Alves - an artist who turns his eyes and lips in a work of art. She uses makeup to recreate scenes from your favorite cartoons.

A scene from the beloved animated film "The Lion King," created in the blues with the savanna. Each scene can take 1-2 hours of work.

If you're a bibliophile and just can not imagine my life without books, then you will love this project. The car turned into a mobile library that travels through the streets of the Argentine cities.

Artist Raul Lemesoff turned an old Ford Falcon 1979 release, one of the most popular means of transport among the armed forces of that time, the mobile library. And do not be embarrassed that the whole structure is very similar to their outlines a tank! This is a unique car-library, called «Arma De Instruccion Masiva», which, given the play on words, translated as "Weapons of Mass Expressions', travels through the streets of Buenos Aires, taking advantage of the huge popularity among people who love books.

Do you think that the restaurant - it's boring, mundane and cliche? But the visitors center of the resort Soneva Kiri, located in Thailand, are absolutely unique opportunity to dine in his own nest, nestled at the top of the tree.

No, not Rio de Janeiro. And just Posusje de Caldas, nondescript town near Sao Paulo. But it suits his fancy queens are considered the most beautiful in Brazil. For example, here is this: it's called "The reflection of nature."

Chamber of Secrets - a great way to hide something or someone from prying eyes.
Would you like to own this?

March 30 in Zurich (Zurich) hosted the annual Chocolate Salon (Salon du Chocolat) - the largest event in the world dedicated to chocolate. Within three days, visitors saw the exhibition salon of chocolate, attended master classes and watch the parade of traditional dress of chocolate, the main theme of this year's opera.

Baldwin Street is the second largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, Dunedin.
It originates from North Road (North Rd) and ends at the intersection of Buchanan Street (Buchanan St). The length of the street 359 meters.
Baldwin Street is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the steepest residential street in the world to its length, it rises to a height of almost 80 meters.
The steepest section is 161.2 meters, and the level of lift on it 47.22 meters, which corresponds to the slope of 38 degrees.

Passengers and the descendants of those who are exactly a century ago boarded the legendary "Titanic" went on a cruise to the memorial site of the tragic collision of a giant ship with the iceberg. Liner "Balmoral" was released from the port of Southampton. He goes on a journey that lasts 12 days and whose purpose - to honor the memory of people who a hundred years ago, lost their lives in the disaster of "Titanic."

Unusual toilet was opened in Moscow's GUM.
It was restored in its original form, as it would under Alexander III.
Here in addition to its intended use, you can tweak the makeup, take a shower,
shave perepelenat child, correct makeup.
Use as directed, will cost 28 rubles.
Interiors there really is king, do not say anything.

Have you ever looked at a product or the company and thought "Why I had not thought of?" While people all day long dream to get rich instantly, just a little lucky to embody the idea to become rich million.Nekotorye enterprising people in the everyday things such as clothes or food. Some came to a surprising ideas. This may be a simple solution, or completely unique. In any case, these ideas will surprise you and probably make envious of their respective owners.
Now we will see 10 of the most amazing ideas that have brought more than one million, and how the people who invented them, made ​​their ideas a reality.

American extremals and scholar Bradley Garrett, exploring with a group of
like-minded sections of the urban space, closed to outsiders,
climbed in London for an unfinished skyscraper Shard London Bridge height of 330 meters.

The building should be completed in May this year, but Garrett could not wait to see the building,
which will soon be officially recognized as the highest in Europe.

Wax up stars

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The Museum of Madame Tussaud's Wax can be seen more celebrities than on the Walk of Fame. And here they will never grow old and will live forever. In fact, many copies can not be distinguished from the living stars.

Imagine a sexy female stars ... beard.
Do not you? :)
I also did not work until they saw these photos.

The original Easter eggs

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Cool idea for coloring Easter eggs.
Take on a note, a holiday very soon.
Cool work!

Photographers shooting Miles Morgan, volcanoes erupting volcano crept to as close as possible. "If you very briefly, in a nutshell, is - unbearably hot," says Miles. "By that time I only got to the volcano, was the dawn, and the first rays of the sun lit up the ground. I set the timer on the camera and went against the flow of lava. Waves of heat scorched his face. The smoke was choking fit, I started to cough. And the temperature was so high that I literally began to melt shoe soles. I seriously feared for his tripod. This is dangerous, yes, and fraught with consequences - but a memorable spectacle and just an amazing experience. I'm not sure that's ever felt more alive than those moments. "

This unusual design created specifically for the film festivals Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival, held from 9 to 12 March this year on the Thai island of Yao Noi. However, it is not on the island - rather, beside him. At least, not watching movies on the land - and in the azure waters of the sea, washing the island.

Since 2003, American Bob Carey is working on an unusual photo project - traveling the sights of America, he makes self-portraits in a pink tutu.

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