This unusual design created specifically for the film festivals Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Festival, held from 9 to 12 March this year on the Thai island of Yao Noi. However, it is not on the island - rather, beside him. At least, not watching movies on the land - and in the azure waters of the sea, washing the island.

Designed floating design architect Ole Scheeren. The audience was placed on a raft, platform, backlit, under-equipped auditorium. The screen is placed between the rocks, also in the sea. In general, the following picture emerged - Blue Lagoon, surrounded by high cliffs, in the midst of which the water seemed to hover the screen and the audience. Looking forward to the screen, the viewer sees a water surface - in this case lost all sense of time and space. It seems that nature itself is folded at the time of this puzzle from the cliffs and the sea to create an audience for the people, always looking for new experiences and adventures.
Platform built on the experience of local residents who foraged catching lobsters. After a series of "water" of cinema in other places a floating cinema planned to donate to local residents, some of which directly participated in its creation.
Project ArchipelagoCinemapoyavilsya a result of cooperation between the studio Studio Ole Scheeren and the Association of Film on the Rocks Yao Noi Foundation. Previously, Ole Scheeren has managed to surprise the unusual "architecture" creations - such as Marfa Drive-In (mobile cinema, which is "on tour" in the Texas desert) and the exhibition Cities on the Move.

In the darkness it looked like

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