Most weird shoes in the world

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Many are clustered perversions of modern fashion in my collection, but they all pale in comparison with the works of German Iris dizaynershi Shifershteyn. A woman at one time dabbled in modeling and released a collection of shoes from the body parts of dead animals. To create your own boots and shoes she used the hooves of horses and cows, snake skin, moles, and even entire stuffed birds.

Chandra Bahadur Dungy, 72 year old from a remote Nepalese village, claims the title of the undersized man on the planet - its growth is only 56 cm in the near future, representatives of the Guinness World Records are going to meet with Chandra, to officially register his title. And Dungy is on the record yet, and by age: only a few owners of such small stature live up to his 72 years.

Competent cooks know that no matter how delicious the food was not without a little seasoning, it remains unfinished, as if the story is not finished the last paragraph. Because the tables in cafes and restaurants, as well as modern kitchens, there are always salt and pepper, and we did an overview of the unusual. But do not forget the oil and vinegar, which are equally important seasoning for salads and other dishes. Just review the original containers for oil and vinegar, and we are prepared today.

Dress from garbage

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So far, the dresses of waste materials - just a quirk of design, but who knows, maybe the future belongs to them? After all, we once laughed at the thought that clean drinking water will have to buy in the shops. Maybe dress them bags of the season will be the most squeak by mid 21st century.

The dress of condoms

It is well known, the place of the figure of Abraham Lincoln in U.S. history becoming an independent country with its own constitution. In deference to him in Ford's Theatre was opened on the installation, which is a huge tower of books that mention the popular 16th U.S. president. The tower consists of more than 6.800 books, and its total height is 10 meters.

Interior designer and decorator Rebecca James of the Interior Desires introduced the updated five-story town house in London. The luxurious house with nine bedrooms features a unique style and an abundance of colors.

Lovely collection, which will set you on the romantic mood

Residential Building of the containers in France

French architect Patrick Partouche has completed construction of single family homes, using the eight containers. This project was built in the town of Lille, France.

U.S. Air Force Military catamaran HSV-2 Swift.
This powerful ship that can travel long distances at high speed and hit the enemy.
The size and form it is quite impressive.

School pupils Vittra Telefonplan luck! Headquartered in Stockholm, the Swedish free school was founded on the concept of creating a place where "the physical space - the most important tool for schools" in the development of students.

In light of this, the team of architects Bosch Rosan has created an unconventional space, where the classroom is abolished as such. Instead, students relax on neon chairs, benches, whimsical art deco, or gather around a giant blue amphitheater, which resembles an iceberg, towering in the middle of the room.

Last fall, the world's celebrities was fashionable to color my hair pink in color. Now the trends have changed: the stars, as if checked - if they go gray.

Madonna Super Bowl 2012

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Madonna literally dazzled the audience with her brilliant show and the role of Cleopatra in the bowl Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. Super Bowl - a big event, but Madonna has once again proven that it is itself a phenomenon no less masshtaba.12-minute speech, in the words of Madonna, seriously and meticulously prepared. "Within 25 years of performances I've never worked so hard and never had it so not to worry," she added.

Recently visited the Motor Show in Washington, has done a lot of ph, but lay out only the most interesting car in my opinion. A lot of pictures (40-45) as the finish will tell.

The first hall is occupied by auto show mainly American cars.
Actually, the first - a new Cadillac coupe

Report of the World Health Organization in 2011 recorded that the cause of more than 2.5 million deaths each year is alcohol. "Almost 4% of all deaths occurring in the world," the report says, "caused by alcohol. This is more than the number of deaths is caused by HIV / AIDS, violence, or tuberculosis. "Given the government released official data, studies of the World Health Organization, as well as data received from other sources, the report made to the schedule of alcohol 193 organizations of member countries of WHO. According to the World Health Organization, the consumption of alcoholic beverages, as a rule, reaches a much higher level in the developed world, and just below that level in countries with a population professing Islam.
The report takes into account the amount of alcohol consumed in various forms (including beer, wine and spirits), but the figures given in the table in terms of average consumption of pure alcohol per year per capita in each country.

Water covers 70% of the surface of the globe and is the foundation of life, the most important element for her. Water is incredibly important for us, but we're used to the fact that we have unrestricted access to it, but because - think of it as granted. Our selection, we have devoted a few photo artists, who in his work appealed to the water. Whatever were their work - just a photo spray made ​​of water, or portraits - they are so attractive, that does not take his eyes. And yet - they allow us to take a fresh look at the water and its unique qualities.

Little Mommy (Little Mother) - 73-year-old female chimp in the family in a safari park in Lyon County Loksahatchi, Florida - considered the oldest chimpanzees living in captivity. Recently, the old woman had surgery to remove a wobbly tooth, and "repaired" minor injury, possibly caused by young males of the group. The females of her family's wounds carefully stopped up with straw, but the vet managed to get it all cleaned.

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