Most weird shoes in the world

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Many are clustered perversions of modern fashion in my collection, but they all pale in comparison with the works of German Iris dizaynershi Shifershteyn. A woman at one time dabbled in modeling and released a collection of shoes from the body parts of dead animals. To create your own boots and shoes she used the hooves of horses and cows, snake skin, moles, and even entire stuffed birds.

To create your own unique style of footwear, Iris met with the butcher, who was collecting for her the most beautiful material to create a collection. To find suitable horses hooves was not difficult, because in Germany there are like horse sausage, but with other animals (moles, hedgehogs, pigeons, etc.) had to tinker. Most dizaynersha spent time looking for a beautiful pair of white doves. After a long search frikanutoy modelershe still lucky, and it has created two beautiful of stuffed pigeons terrible shoes. In order to put on shoes to stick your fingers between the legs of birds accidents. Dizaynersha believes that the shoes have turned out the most successful in the collection: "When I have shoes on their feet, made of these pigeons, it seems to me that I'm flying!", - Says Iris.
What is most surprising to me, brutal poaching style of Iris enjoys a certain demand. Exhibitions of her shoes frikovoy held regularly in different countries around the world, and Dolce & Gabanna, even created an entire collection based on the concept of the German modelershi. It is possible that in the near future, with some of the companies have the courage to reproduce the unique footwear for the general public. Interestingly, there are ladies who want to embroider on the horse's hooves instead of heels?

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