Zombie eating whale bone

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Zombie eating whale bone
Zombie eating whale bone, Traces of bone-eating "zombie worms" have been found in a three-million-year-old fossil from Italy, say researchers.

Drunk, naked driver smashes 17 cars in Moscow
Drunk, naked driver smashes 17 cars in Moscow, A naked and drunk motorist sped through central Moscow on Sunday, crashing into 17 cars before being stopped by police who chased him across a large part of the capital, state television said.

24-carat gold toilet + $5.8 million
24-carat gold toilet + $5.8 million, The man with the 24-carat solid gold toilet has died suddenly in Hong Kong. Lam Sai-wing, the owner of the $5.8 million solid gold toilet, built it in honor of his childhood hero Vladimir Lenin, who once said that gold “should be used to make toilets after the victory of socialism to remind people of capitalist waste.”

 In America, the preparation for the holiday Halloween is in full swing. People are prepared with skill. Excellent scenery. The main thing - do not bring guests to a heart attack.
Sorry - I do not know where it is.

Gaga asked to wear lettuce dress

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Gaga asked to wear lettuce dress, An Indian animal rights charity has asked Lady Gaga to wear a full-length dress made out of lettuce to raise awareness about not eating meat.

Vill du göra ett intryck på dina gäster på middag? Mat avsluta med Deli Garage uppfann speciell spray som färgprodukter och konfektyr, karamellfärg. Praktisk spruta kan garantera ett vackert resultat - förkromad huvudet öring eller sparris. Aerosolen är säker och har ingen smak.

Want to make an impression on your guests at dinner party? Food Finish with The Deli Garage invented special sprays that paint products and confectionery, food coloring. Convenient spray can guarantee a beautiful result - chrome plated head trout or asparagus. The aerosol is safe and has no taste.

 Cascades Huanlun - yellow dragon scales
This is one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Nature created this travertine landscape with great ingenuity and artistic taste.

 "Iceman" Oetzi or Etsi - Ice mummy of ancient man, discovered in 1991 in the Tyrolean Alps on a glacier in the Ötztal valley Similaun at an altitude of 3200 meters. Age mummy, defined by the radiocarbon method is about 5300 years. Currently, scientists continue to study the mummies.

Britney Spears concert tickets 'slashed over low sales', BRITNEY SPEARS' U.K. tour organisers were forced to slash the price of her tickets to just $3 (£2) after the singer failed to sell out London's O2 Arena.

New York city bans trans fat trans fat + fines up to $2,000, New York Bans Most Trans Fats in Restaurants. The New York City Board of Health voted yesterday to adopt the nation’s first major municipal ban on the use of all but tiny amounts of artificial trans fats in restaurant cooking, a move that would radically transform the way food is prepared in thousands of restaurants, from McDonald’s to fashionable bistros to Chinese take-outs.

Former 'Bachelorette' marries
Former 'Bachelorette' marries, Ex-Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas Weds Stephen Stagliano. DeAnna Pappas officially shed her bachelorette title Saturday, marrying Stephen Stagliano, People reports.

 Deep below the surface in Poland is something amazing, but little known outside Eastern Europe. For centuries, miners extracted salt here, but what is left after them is simply breathtaking. Let's look at the most unusual salt mine in the world.

 World’s Smallest Library - World`s Small Books .....

+Gang membership 1.4M 33,000

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+Gang membership 1.4M 33,000
+Gang membership 1.4M 33,000, The Federal Bureau of Investigation on Friday estimated there are some 1.4 million gang members in the United States and they are turning to white collar crimes as more lucrative enterprises.

 Ordos in China - a modern ghost town. Kangbashi district, designed for more than a million residents, remains deserted, even five years from the date of commencement of construction.

 Lots of people going in one place so that their bodies to leave a message.Happy viewing:

 Wonderful fans of synthol just amazing....

Ashley Biden arrested 2002 obstructing a police officer 

Ashley Biden arrested 2002 obstructing a police officer, Saturday a video appeared pretending to show Vice President Biden’s Daughter snorting cocaine at a house party. The seller’s lawyer stated that the video of the 27-year-old Ashley Biden is being peddled for $250,000.

Robert Nay + Bubble Ball

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Robert Nay + Bubble Ball
Robert Nay + Bubble Ball, Bubble Ball's Robert Nay: How a 14-Year-Old Built the No. 1 iPhone Game. Robert Nay, the creator of Bubble Ball, recently dethroned Angry Birds as the top free game in Apple's App Store. Most 14-year-olds are watching TV, thinking about the school dance and spending way too much time on Facebook. Eighth-grader Robert Nay, meanwhile, used his spare time to build a No. 1 iPhone app.

Senator wants syrup protection law
Senator wants syrup protection law, Vermont Sen. Leahy to seek maple protection law. Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy says he's planning to introduce legislation to make it a federal crime for people to mislabel products as containing maple syrup.

Leahy said Tuesday the legislation is needed to protect Vermont's maple crop from fraud.

The move came in the aftermath of a recent U.S. Food and Drug Administration investigation that found a man who had been selling fake Vermont "maple" syrup, when the product contained no syrup.

'Superhero' arrested for alleged assault
'Superhero' arrested for alleged assault, Seattle's masked superhero crime fighter "Phoenix Jones" is now fighting an assault charge for allegedly spraying pepper spray on people who he claims were fighting. Seattle police claim the people were dancing.

JLS Marvin Humes to propose

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JLS Marvin Humes to propose
JLS Marvin Humes to propose, JLS star Marvin Humes is going to take the next step to prove how much he loves his girlfriend Rochelle Wiseman, by proposing to The Saturdays singer.

 In 1939, representatives of the Sioux approached sculptor Korczak Zyulkovski (Korczak Ziółkowski) with a request to perpetuate them in the Black Hills of the legendary leader of the Crazy Horse, known. As planned by the master, a monument to Crazy Horse Memorial was to be one of the greatest sculptures in the world, carved into the rock: the size of sculpture, in its final form, would amount to 195 meters in width and 172 meters in height. Korczak monument Zyulkovski worked until his death, but did not finish the monument. In 1998, followers of the master was able to complete part of the sculpture - the face of the leader.

Gorilla and duckling become friends
Gorilla and duckling become friends. Gorilla, duckling become friends at NY zoo. Visitors to the zoo were stunned when the baby duck suddenly appeared inches from the primate, The Telegraph reports.

Fearing the 90kg western lowland gorilla might react badly to the feathered visitor, onlookers held their breath to see what would happen.
But rather than give the duckling a hard time, the four and a half foot gorilla became fascinated with the bird and inspected its new friend with a nearby stick.

Jupiter mistaken for distress flare
Jupiter mistaken for distress flare, Tynemouth lifeboat search after planet Jupiter mistaken for flare. A rescue search was carried out off the coast of Tynemouth Longsands after a member of the public mistook the planet Jupiter for a distress flare.

Black Eyed Peas to announce split?
Black Eyed Peas to announce split? Well, I guess the big news this morning is that the Black Eyed Peas have confirmed what they've kind of been hinting at all along with their The E.N.D. album—that they are indeed breaking up once their tour is over. It's funny, because I saw them at their surprisingly d'luvvly L.A. show on Monday, and I swear there was a point when Will.i.am was talking that I thought he was going to announce the group were splitting or "taking a break" right there. But he didn't.

Reaction to Steve Jobs Death, Steve Wozniak, who started Apple in a Silicon Valley garage with Steve Jobs in 1976, said he’ll miss his fellow co-founder “as much as everyone.”

Jodie Marsh ends man drought, We've seen some celebrity makeovers in our time, but this one beats them all hands down.

Adele cancels tour - again

Adele cancels tour - again, Adele's powerhouse vocals need a rest. The British singer has been forced to cancel her upcoming sold-out U.S. tour due to a hemorrhage in her vocal chord, Columbia records announced Tuesday. The 10-city concert series was scheduled to kick off October 7 in Atlantic City, New Jersey and wrap up October 21 in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Starbucks jobs donation program

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Starbucks jobs donation program
Starbucks jobs donation program, Starbucks hopes customers will be willing to pay at least $5 more when they stop in for their morning cup of Joe.

Amanda Knox Acquitted

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Amanda Knox Acquitted
Amanda Knox Acquitted. Tears of joy as Knox wins Italy murder appeal. Amanda Knox was acquitted of murder and s*xual assault by an Italian jury on Monday in a dramatic end to her four-year battle to prove her innocence, sparking scenes of jubilation in the courtroom.

The 24-year-old Seattle native sobbed as the verdict was being read out and had to be escorted out of the courtroom in Perugia in central Italy. She is expected to be released imminently and to fly back to the United States.

Justin Bieber Talks Haters And Anti-Bieber Facebook Group

Justin Bieber Talks Haters, Justin Bieber Talks Haters And Anti-Bieber Facebook Group, While the majority of the population adore the pants off Justin Bieber, there are a few who are not so keen. But instead of feeling down about it, the teen superstar has thanked those who don't like him.

Jason Biggs and Hooker

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Jason Biggs and Hooker
Jason Biggs and Hooker, They say that things can sometimes become stale in a marriage. But it is unlikely that many people resort to hiring prostitutes after just a year like American Pie star Jason Biggs, 33, and his wife Jenny Mollen.

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