24-carat gold toilet + $5.8 million
24-carat gold toilet + $5.8 million, The man with the 24-carat solid gold toilet has died suddenly in Hong Kong. Lam Sai-wing, the owner of the $5.8 million solid gold toilet, built it in honor of his childhood hero Vladimir Lenin, who once said that gold “should be used to make toilets after the victory of socialism to remind people of capitalist waste.”
The self made millionaire made his fortune in jewelery (heading the Hang Fung Gold Technology Group) but it was his golden lavatory that attracted thousands of people to his showroom and made him the synonymous with lavish loos. Inside the restroom you can also view the toilet and a gold toilet bush holder but you can’t use it.

The toilet known as the Hall of Gold has been recognized by the Guinness Book of Records.In 2008 rumors circulated that the toilet would be melted down if the gold price reached $1,000 an ounce. Sai-wing assured the public that the toilet would remain in tact but he couldn’t vouch for the toilet brush holder ! So far there are no suspicious circumstances surrounding his sudden death. Lam Sai-wing was 53.

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