Ashley Biden arrested 2002 obstructing a police officer 

Ashley Biden arrested 2002 obstructing a police officer, Saturday a video appeared pretending to show Vice President Biden’s Daughter snorting cocaine at a house party. The seller’s lawyer stated that the video of the 27-year-old Ashley Biden is being peddled for $250,000.

The video shows a man cutting up five lines of a white powder, than the woman, identified by the seller as the Vice President’s daughter, says that the lines aren’t large enough. After she gets a rolled-up dollar bill from the unidentified man, the woman snorts three lines of what appear to be cocaine.

Ashley Biden was arrested in 2002 for obstructing a police officer after a friend threw a soda can at him. She blocked the officer’s path and threaten him. The charges were dropped in exchange for a public apology.

Source: divaa

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