Recently visited the Motor Show in Washington, has done a lot of ph, but lay out only the most interesting car in my opinion. A lot of pictures (40-45) as the finish will tell.

The first hall is occupied by auto show mainly American cars.
Actually, the first - a new Cadillac coupe

Cadillac as nothing more interesting is not provided, we move on, first to a huge pickup from Chevrolet
Then a new Dodge,

in general, all three first company almost did not show anything new, so we move to Ford, and then - the car a beast - the new F-150 is huge
followed, the prototype of a new model (I forgot how to be nazyvatsya) - in my opinion would be of great beauty machine

well, and lastly, what happens when designers byzhabt engineer with the designers.

Of course the old model, but I was hooked, especially the title

Well, beer and 2 for a set of

Well, like everything tepert you can:

- kicking
- break
- Well, and do all sorts of other things that everyone is afraid of

And if I can find more photos add all thank you for your attention

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