Little Mommy (Little Mother) - 73-year-old female chimp in the family in a safari park in Lyon County Loksahatchi, Florida - considered the oldest chimpanzees living in captivity. Recently, the old woman had surgery to remove a wobbly tooth, and "repaired" minor injury, possibly caused by young males of the group. The females of her family's wounds carefully stopped up with straw, but the vet managed to get it all cleaned.

The vet safari park Lion Country Elizabeth Hammond (left) talks with a nurse Stephanie Fisher before the operation in chimpanzees Little Mama.
Favorite Toy Little Mommy lying on the ground, while the rangers are placed with a dose of sedative chimpanzee on a stretcher.
Stephanie Fisher and Elizabeth Hammond are the Little Mother to the medical center.
Vets are working to remove some of the teeth 73-year-old chimp.
Little Mama anesthetized on an operating table surrounded by veterinarians, nurses, and caretakers of the park.
At the time of the procedures to put a finger monkey monitoring device.
Veterinarian Lion safari park Katri Elizabeth Hammond checks left eye chimpanzees.
Veterinarian Forrest Hayes (right) conducts an ultrasound scan in the dark.
The operation took two hours.
Hand in hand chimpanzee veterinarian during surgery.
The vet Jenny Dyumonko of the Palm Beach Zoo examines the lower teeth Little Mama.
Torn during surgery canine. Veterinarians have noted that for his venerable age at the Little Mothers excellent health.
Veterinarian Elibat Hammond helps locate the portable x-ray machine on the "patient."
A chest radiograph Little Mama.
Director of the safari park Lion Country Terry Wolfe (left) and his assistant Lindsay Vesselmann make footprints in the Little Mothers after surgery.
Footprints in the Little Mothers are for gifts, as well as to collect money during charity events.
Elizabeth Hammond attaches the package to intravenous drugs in the car on the way home - in an enclosure for chimpanzees.
The veterinarian checks the chimp back into the enclosures.
Little Mama opened her eyes, slowly regaining consciousness after anesthesia.

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