Last fall, the world's celebrities was fashionable to color my hair pink in color. Now the trends have changed: the stars, as if checked - if they go gray.

1. At the awards ceremony «People's Choice Awards» Kelly Osbourne appeared demonstrating a new hairstyle. On receipt of the "Golden Globe" hair singer seems to have become more gray. According to rumors, the mother of Kelly - Shannon Osborne - not always approve actions daughter.
2. Tint Hair Taylor Swift changed very often. Not surprisingly, the awards ceremony of country music in 2009, she appeared with a silver-gray shade of hair.
3. Another victim of fashion - fashion model Kate Moss. 38-year-old Kate did cut and dyed her hair blue-gray color.
4. It seems that the outrageous Lady Gaga has nothing to surprise the audience. However, a new shade of hair did the trick - now the star appears for a few years older. It should be recognized that this is perhaps the least eccentric image of the singer.
5. Singer Pink is seen most often blonde. Only sometimes she dyed her hair pink. But a new shade of hair turned to face the star.
6. Singer Kelis, too, decided to experiment with the color of their hair, dyeing them in the ashy hue.
7. The actress Mary-Kate Olsen were only gray hair roots. The familiar image of the blonde little changed after staining. Changing the image may be Mary-Kate wanted more different from her sister Ashley.
8. Stacy London was hardly any one of the first to use artificial hair to gray hair. Her hair, gray hair looks naturally enough. Stacy believes the use of gray strands in her hair a sign of individuality.
9. Golden curls British singer Ellie Golding acquired a gray shade back in 2010. New Hairstyle Dorothy looks quite organic.
10. Pixie Sheldof - English socialite, singer and model who decided to follow the fashion in everything. Now, silver-colored hair - her new fashion accessory.

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