Competent cooks know that no matter how delicious the food was not without a little seasoning, it remains unfinished, as if the story is not finished the last paragraph. Because the tables in cafes and restaurants, as well as modern kitchens, there are always salt and pepper, and we did an overview of the unusual. But do not forget the oil and vinegar, which are equally important seasoning for salads and other dishes. Just review the original containers for oil and vinegar, and we are prepared today.

Despite the fact that the vinegar and oil are not the best fodder for animals, and spices to dog food, too, the designers have decided that as the capacity for these condiments dog figurine fits perfectly. The long and transparent, like glass sausage, a bottle-fee will be a wonderful gift for a hostess gift, which in dogs is doted. However, this cool set of containers for condiments will delight not only to dog breeders.

Oil and vinegar in a bottle-bird

For those chefs who prefer four-legged birds and domestic pets cruise, there is a separate set of bottles. Of course, in the form of birds. Moreover, a variety, from large to small parrots, cockatoos plump bullfinches.

Oil and vinegar in a spray bottle-

Because the cooking - a creative process, it would be nice and filling for the food to come from the same side. For example, add the vinegar, oil, or spices to give food a special, unique flavor. And then just to fill a creative salad, sprinkled it with the mixture from a bottle-spray. As if perfume.

Oil and vinegar bottles of himlaboratorii

Some people who are far from cooking, compared to cooking, especially of complex dishes, with magic and witchcraft in the laboratory of the alchemist. Ingredients and mix, add in a certain order and a certain amount, stir, turn, shake ... And sometimes, cooking becomes an experience, a bad or good, depending on the skill of "alchemist." Because even the capacity for the designers came up with spices to make in the form of bottles and flasks with a pipette, as in himlaboratoriyah.

Creative handmade bottles for condiments

Bottles can be handmade and not so exotic as the previous sets, but look, however, is very attractive and unusual.

Oil and vinegar in a singing bottle

Simple but cool bottles of seasonings in the form of singing fellows certainly intended for those who think that the song not only helps build and live, but to cook well.

Tanks, "Bonnie and Clyde" for the oil and vinegar

A man in these ceramics is difficult to recognize the famous Bonnie and Clyde. Despite the fact that the bottle design is well known.

Bottles, glasses of oil and vinegar

Serviruya table for a romantic dinner in a stylish modern restaurant atmosphere, to avoid frivolous cutlery, giving preference to refined and elegant. It is for this case and there are kits for the oil and vinegar, which look like upside-down upside down wine glasses.

One bottle for oil and vinegar

Perhaps the most interesting of all, presented in this review are those tanks that allow the two fluids inside a time.

Stylish and original bottles for condiments

And finally - those tanks for oil and vinegar, which can not be called strange and exotic, but unusual and original - easily.

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