Do you think that the restaurant - it's boring, mundane and cliche? But the visitors center of the resort Soneva Kiri, located in Thailand, are absolutely unique opportunity to dine in his own nest, nestled at the top of the tree.

For this adventure-minded visitors are arranged in a special loop of leather belts, which raises them to a height of more than sixteen feet (6,5 meters) up the tree massangovomu. As a result, visitors find themselves among the branches of a tree at a height where it overlooks the beautiful coast and beaches. It should probably put in a word and the maintenance staff of this wonderful restaurant. All applicants for the position of waiter undergo a rigorous selection, in which are estimated, including their acrobatic skills, as they have to maneuver among the branches with trays.

1. All dishes are presented in this amazing restaurant menus are made from natural products grown on the island.
2. Moreover, the restaurant owners are trying to adhere to the principle of environmental cleanliness, not only in cooking, but also, if I may say so, the interior of his establishment - for transportation customers in "nests" are used fixing of natural materials, no plastic or metal.
3. Night stay at the resort Soneva Kiri will cost ranging from $ 950 for two. The fee includes transportation to the "nest", all meals, alcoholic beverages, WiFi, and laundry facilities.

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