If you're a bibliophile and just can not imagine my life without books, then you will love this project. The car turned into a mobile library that travels through the streets of the Argentine cities.

Artist Raul Lemesoff turned an old Ford Falcon 1979 release, one of the most popular means of transport among the armed forces of that time, the mobile library. And do not be embarrassed that the whole structure is very similar to their outlines a tank! This is a unique car-library, called «Arma De Instruccion Masiva», which, given the play on words, translated as "Weapons of Mass Expressions', travels through the streets of Buenos Aires, taking advantage of the huge popularity among people who love books.

In fact, this unique project - it's more than just art. Raul Lemesoff helps promote books and reading among the population of Argentina.
The mobile library consists of approximately 900 books. Raul Lemesoff continues to complete his collection.
Using the library for free. In his interview to the news agency AFP, Raul Lemesoff called his mobile library "contribution to the maintenance of world peace through literature."
Ultimately, he argues, its purpose is to expand the geography of the project - sending its mobile library outside of Argentina. Raul Lemesoff believes that his way is best to promote reading among the poor around the world.

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