Most of the celebrities we know only by their stage names and real names are "behind the scenes." Let's see what are their real names.

Real Name - Faith Galuska
Real name - Alexander Korchunova
real name - Maria Sadkov
real name - Inessa Klimchuk
real name - Vyacheslav Tverdokhlebov
Real name - Viktor Belan
Real name - Natalia Poryvai
real name - Zhanna Kopylova
real name - Alla Perfilova
real name - Timur Yunusov
real name - Larissa Myachinskaya
real name - Maria Varum
eal name - Elena Levochkina
real name - Yuri Shatko
real name - Alexander Vyguzov
real name - Tatyana Galst'yan

real name - Hope Zasedatelev
real name - Sophia Rotar

real name - Marina Abrosimova
Real name - Lada Volkov
real name - Catherine Chuprinin
real name - Mark Sinclair Vincent
real name - Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone
Real name - Carlos Estevez
Real name - Thomas Mapother the Fourth
Real name - Brian Warner
Real name - Reginald Kenneth Dwight
real name - Cassius Marcellus Clay
Anna Akhmatova - Anna Andreyevna Gorenko
Andy Warhol - Andrew Warhola
Mickey Rourke Andre-Philippe
real name - Juan Moreno
real name - Carlos Ray Norris
real name - Sofia Shikolone
real name - David Seth Kotkin
birth name Nicolas Kim Coppola

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