Sein Mumtaz, who lives in the Pakistani city of Lahore, just 22 years old. However, a young man desperate to find work and make a personal life because of illness, which is suffering. The disease is known as Proteus syndrome. Its main manifestations are growth of the skull bones. In the movie "Elephant Man" directed by David Lynch clearly shows the life of the Englishman Joseph Merrick, who suffered from Proteus syndrome in the late 19th century.

Residents of Lahore used to seeing Sein Mumtaz as he was, but he suffers from a guy because of progressive disease and its appearance.

1. Like all people, Sein stopped growing at age 18. But not for long. He soon realized that his head and limbs continue to grow, turning him into a monster.
2. Modern science knows only 120 cases of such disease. The same disease is plagued Elephant Man Joseph Merrick-.
Three. The disease Sein drove into a deep depression. Relatives guy barely managed to pull him out of it.
4. Sein admits that at first people were afraid of him and it happened that escaped, Sein met on the street. But now the people of Lahore are aware of serious illness and often stop a guy to talk to him.
Five. Sein family and he is still hoping that the original diagnosis, "Proteus Syndrome" is wrong, and maybe the guy suffers from another disease that is curable.
6. Skin Sein often scared passers-by.
7. The unfortunate young man wants to find a doctor who will cure him, only to meet a woman and tie her her life.
8. Residents of Lahore used to the exterior of Sein, and often stopped to talk to him on the street.
9. External changes caused by disease and the most frightening Sein. He still hopes to recover.
10. However, the most likely diagnosis is correct and Sein will have to accept the fact that the treatment of his illness for today did not exist.
11. In the meantime, the young man continues to believe in a miracle and a meeting with a doctor who will cure him.

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