Who of Hollywood beauties has changed beyond recognition

In the 80s and 90s Daryl Hannah was one of the greatest beauties in Hollywood. With his blond hair and blue eyes, the actress easily found demand in the world of cinema, which has contributed to many of her uncle, a talented filmmaker who has received for his work two awards "Oscar".

Janice Dickinson, pozitsioniruschaya itself as the world's first supermodel, was born in the days when Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, who today are considered "veteranshami" business model, was not yet in the project. In recent years, Janice has revived from its ashes and became super popular because of the reality show "Model School Janice witches'
Star of 'Twin Peaks' Lara Flynn Boyle was one of the most beautiful women of her time. But a few plastic surgeries have changed the features of the actress almost unrecognizable.
Racket more impact on the appearance of Lindsay Lohan: the remains of former beauty, which had not yet destroyed the alcohol, tobacco and cocaine, the actress hard "finished off" with the help of plastic surgery. The fact that Lindsey had never averse to tinker with their appearance at the plastic surgeons, it was no secret - at one time an actress increased her chest. Now it came to his lips: it is obvious that Lindsay overdone, they vkachivaya silicone. As a result, the star's mouth looks like two ugly "dumplings," and the actress now looks much older than his age.
Lisa Wrynn - an American television presenter, actress, businesswoman and socialite. She is known for her roles in the television series Taylor McBride "Melrose Place" where she starred in 1996-1998, and Billy Reed in the TV series "Days of Our Lives." Wrynn does not hide the fact that it has repeatedly done plastic surgery and used Botox. She says she does not regret it, but understand that we must be able to stop. Apparently, so far to stop it does not work.
In its 67 years of ex-wife of Elvis Presley Actress Priscilla Presley looks like not too carefully ottyuningovat car. By the way, the star likes to compare himself with the vehicle. According to Priscilla, "the work of plastic surgeon's work is akin to the mechanics, which lubricates the machine to make it work better"
Even in the recent 1997 Donatella Versace looked quite different than today. Whether years of hard work to the benefit of the inheritance left by his brother in the fashion house so crippled dizaynershu, or multiple plastic surgeries and the irrepressible love of the solarium.
In 1982, Joan Rivers look like, perhaps, not very attractive, but it looked like a normal person. Now the actress looks like a humanoid - so transformed her features after numerous plastic surgeries and botox injections. Not long ago, actress confessed to talk show that she suffered a total of 739 procedures! However, it is worth noting that Joan now - 78 years. And it is not clear how she would look like without plastic.

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