Scotland has fallen on the most powerful in 15 years storm, its speed at times reached 250 kilometers per hour, reports Sky News. Ceased to operate schools, canceled flights, ferries ply not and trains. Along the coast of Yorkshire steam with three hundred passengers unable to dock due to high winds. The same wind caused the fire, the wind turbine, located in North Ayrshire.
 In Scotland, entered a state of emergency. The authorities were forced to cancel classes at schools in the afternoon, so students can get home without any risk to life. Closed state museums, libraries, universities and sports centers.

Recorded significant failures in the transport message. Dozens of flights canceled flights at the airports of Edinburgh and Glasgow, not shuttle trains and ferries, and a vessel with three hundred passengers could not moor in Yorkshire, in the end the ship had to return to the sea, reports the BBC.

The element of almost claimed the lives of three car owners whose vehicles utyanuli streams of water. Rescuers managed to evacuate them only by helicopter, the victims were admitted to hospital with suspected hypothermia.

In some parts of England and Wales residents warned of a possible lowering of the temperature and increasing snowfall. In these areas, people have advised not to leave their homes without the need to 14:00 (18:00 GMT) Friday.

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