Why can not you do anything on Friday 13th?
Faith in the awful day, Friday 13th supposedly came from the free interpretation of the Old Testament. Ostensibly this day Cain killed his brother Abel. Over time, this legend has acquired an enormous amount of speculation, making the number 13 in a terrible sign of distress and unhappiness. For example, at the Last Supper counted 13 participants, and the betrayal of Judas was first mentioned in the 13th chapter Evangeliya.So time only exacerbated the fear 13. For example, Franklin Roosevelt never traveled on the 13th, some hospitals do not have 13th house, and in some hotels 13th floor. And in a family where there are thirteen children, one of them will grow up a criminal.

Why can not transmit anything over the threshold?
Say, well, do not you know people who have never greet, and even more do not transmit anything over the threshold? What do you think, from this strange superstition come from? The fact that in ancient times, remains of ancestors stored below the threshold of the house, and to disturb them, passing anything over the threshold, it was considered extremely opasnym.Imenno and therefore can not sit on the threshold, which until still considered the boundary between two worlds - a safe home and a hostile world, or of worse - the living world and the world of the dead.

Why can not we go back half-way?
This superstition is also related to a threshold and that its function boundaries between the worlds. Reaching the goal, a man returns home weakened, and it is on the verge of the border-it can wait for anything - from outraged obsessing spirits of their ancestors, to entities that dream seep into our world. To neutralize the failure, to draw back, leaving again, worth a look in the mirror, which can double the power and energy of man.

Why not donate hours
A belief that has come to us from China, where it is thought, as if to receive a gift is an invitation to watch the funeral. We also considered that the donated hours will count a period of friendship with a man, and then assume the rest of his life time. In addition, the clock are a sharp object, which, together with stitching, giving it is not recommended, to avoid disputes and grievances.
To counteract the ravages of hours, you should ask them for a dime - then it will be assumed that the watch you are not given, but sold it.

Why can not we celebrate forty years?
Forty years - the only birthday that is not made ​​to celebrate, especially for men. At the heart of this tradition is the concept of connection of the numeral "forty" with death.
Presumably this is due to the fact that even in the Kievan Rus had been taken "dead check" on incorruption, and in the XVII century, a period that determines the incorruption of relics, was set at 40 days. Therefore, the number "forty" is directly associated with burials. Especially since it is so "in tune" with the memorial, on the fortieth day of death, and indeed, in all religions is considered fatal.
Accordingly, one who celebrates forty years - does not show proper respect for the dead nor, nor to his death, and thus incur the disease, failure and even death.

Why can not I just go out and have to "sit down on the track?"
This sign is based on the belief pradavney people in good and evil spirits that control the world. It was believed that the domestic spirits cling to a man, getting him on the road and trying to bring back, and therefore will not be a good road. He sat down before a long road, ghosts can be fooled - they think that nobody anywhere is not going and lose vigilance. And it means that your journey will be no excess "baggage." By the way, this echoes the sign ban on returning to the floor of the road. Spirits are angry that they were deceived, and cause even more mischief in the road.
Especially, this is the signs and practical explanation - before a long journey is always helpful to sit down, put in order, and again thoughts to think.

Why not eat with a knife?
They say if you eat with a knife, you will become angry. Why so? The thing is that this knife is familiar to us an ancient and rich history.
Knife - one of the first and principal means of defense and production of human food, and thus from the very beginning of time, it was not just a piece of metal, but the subject that has special meaning.
The knife was considered not only an instrument of labor, but also an instrument of protection - both from the real dangers, and from every kind of evil. Such an important magic item required for special treatment, and was used only after special rituals. There is with him - meant to offend the spirits that make people angry and aggressive. Also, this way you can cut yourself corny ..

Why not pick up anything at the crossroads?
Crossroads has always been a mystical place, where in the strict sense intersect worlds - ours and the invisible. At the Crossroads held a lot of rituals that are not always directed at the good and justice. Many people passing through the intersection, they say, if there feel strange uneasiness. It is likely that the action takes strength of auto-suggestion, but maybe not ...
It is believed, though if you "translate" the illness or misfortune in any thing, and throw it into the intersection, it will take away evil spirits. That is to not pick up a strange trouble, and does not cost anything to pick up on street corners, because the more expensive thing found there, the more serious problem or disease, information on it.

Why can not walk into a shoe?
This omen comply at all times. Older people say that if a man allows himself to go to a shoe or shoes in one, he very early became an orphan. Even the Bible says: "Every creature on the pair." Shoes have always symbolized the union. Two shoe - a pair. Separating a pair of shoes, you disconnect those who gave you life. And it's your parents. Gender trouble if your parents did not work to live together and they just go away. And if the family has a real love, but death did not be able to separate the loving heart.

Why after sunset can take out the garbage?
This is probably the most popular male sign) In principle, everyone knows it, but that's not all know her roots.
First, it is believed that if take out the trash after sunset, you will go about gossip, and no wonder - with what joy would make the house something under cover of darkness? After all, neighbors do not pereminut bdyat and discuss why you are so hide your trash. They also say, though, taking out the garbage at night, you take out of the house of money, but it defies logical explanation completely. Another explanation is connected with a belief in good and evil spirits. To the good spirits entered the night in the house (obviously to protect the household from evil spirits), you need to prepare for their visit and learn from home all rubbish. Who did not, that was late, and the sense in taking out the trash, and accordingly no.

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