The exhibition, entitled "Shooting, hunting and recreation" fans gathered weapons from around the world. This exhibition will exercise a commercial, it is visited by as true professionals and amateurs that are related to hunting or sport shooting, or their work is directly connected with any weapon. At the exhibition brings together buyers and flock from 75 countries worldwide.

Guests can see firsthand and even touch the side-arms, archers equipment, ammunition, optical devices and in general a variety of weapons. Also conducted a seminar at which talk about the latest trends in the industry of arms.


2. Alan Patterson examines how the sight, against the stand of arms «Leupold Tactical Optics» during the annual exhibition "The shooting, hunting and recreation," which has been held 33 times, the Exhibition Center «Sands Expo», Las Vegas.
3. The seller is considering grade sporting rifles «SIG SAUER», Tuesday, January 18.
4. Two «Glock 26" are used cartridges.
5. Californian John Francis considers avtogranatomet at the booth of the company «Heckler & Koch». In light of recent events that took place January 8 in Tucson, namely shooting, which resulted in 6 people were killed and 13 wounded, in Congress and the media debate flared up again about gun laws.
6. Pistol «Smith & Wesson», Exhibition SHOT, Las Vegas.
7. In a sea of rifles, pistols, knives, ammunition are highlighted.
8. Sponsors and visitors Shot Show rejected the theory that there is some connection between the events in Tucson January 8 and zakonodatelstvenym control over firearms.
9. "What happened was not due to the absence of any law on Arms Control," - said LourensKin, senior vice president of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, organizer of the Shot Show. In the photo one of the visitors, Houk Bran, carries a backpack purchased a trophy - the European head of roe deer.
10. Rock River Arms of ColonaRok, Illinois, was one of the many companies that presented their products at the Shot Show. Sponsors said they decided not to get involved in debates over gun control before the show, and that they were never for its abolition.
11. Neil McMillan, Orlando, Fla., looks through the scope on the rifle.
12. Exhibits at the Shot Show and included Gamo Recon 177 Caliber Youth Airgun - air guns, and several types of firearms, which is intended for young people.
13. A man checks the gun Taurus 28 on the Shot Show.
14. A visitor walks past a stand of Beretta at Shot Show.
15. Exhibition space for the Glock, the creator of such a gun that was used in a shootout in Tucson, was one of the most popular on the show. "How many shooters with Glock pistols in our holpe?" - Randy Rogers asked, a spokesman for Glock, with a raised hand in a pistol. Field of the many raised their hands, she smiled and said, "Oh, I like it," - as if every hand was a rose, not a gun.

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