In early December the company Julien's Auctions conducts the auction of memorabilia of Marilyn Monroe. The event, entitled "Idols and idols of Hollywood" will be held in Beverly Hills, California.

1. Black and white photograph, taken by Joseph Dzhasgurom in 1946, depicting Marilyn, took first in the list. Photos printed using a gelatin-silver print halo. Image size - 25 cm by 20 cm Cost - $ 400.
2. 8-page letter, addressed to the foster mother Grace Goddard and handwritten Norma Jean Dougherty, dated 4 June 1945. In this letter, Norm tells us that gave up her job at the factory Radioplane, and how during a photo shoot for the U.S. Army photographer David Conover met who was "terribly beautiful, married and devoted to his work, for that I loved him." The letter also stated that Conover encouraged her to become a model. The original envelope is also part of the lot at auction. Dimensions: 10.8 cm by 17.8 cm Price: from 30 to 50 thousand dollars.
3. Silver knife without a handle, which served to cut the paper. On the knife removed the words "DO PAULO / I love you." 15-inch knife covered with engraving and etching.
4. Photo of Marilyn Monroe in 1946, whose author was Joseph Dzhasgur. The picture is printed using a gelatin-silver print halo. Dimensions: 61 cm by 50.8 cm Price: 600 to 800 dollars.
5. The poster of the 1940s in color, depicting Marilyn in red-striped bikini in full growth. The poster is decorated in a frame. In the lower corners of it on both sides can consider the inscription: "Marilyn Monroe" and "Printed in the United States." Poster Size: 183.3 cm by 78.7 cm Price: 1,000 to 1,200 dollars.
6. Printed in the 1960s with the use of pigment printing, photography Monroe was taken in 1945 by Andre de Diène. Photographer stamp can be seen on the reverse side of the picture. Dimensions: 61 cm by 51 cm Price: 600 to 800 dollars.
7. In 2005, this shot taken by Andre de Diène in 1949, was printed in limited quantities. The picture is set in Plexiglas, hand stamped and signed by the publisher OneWest Publishing. File size: 100.3 cm by 76.2 cm Price: 1,000 to 1,500 dollars.
8. Another sibahromny print made ​​in 1949 by photographer Andre De Diène in 1949, and printed in a limited edition of 2005 numbered 6 / 10. Image size: 96.5 cm by 76.2 cm Price: 1,000 to 1,500 dollars.
9. One of the early black-and-white photos of Monroe, signed, addressed to Phil Hooper, her then-neighbor in the apartments of El Palassio in West Hollywood. The caption: "Phil and the best wishes. Sincerely yours, Marilyn Monroe (Norma Jean). "Photograph, signed in the years 1947-1948, is still owned by the family Hooper. Image size: 25.4 cm by 20.3 cm Price: from 10 to 20 thousand dollars.
10. Approximately in 1952, this poster of Marilyn came out in limited quantities. This picture was taken a silent film star Harold Lloyd during a photo session, organized by Philip Halsmanom in Monroe apartment. Later photos from this photo shoot adorned the cover of LIFE. In 2005, the image was transferred from the original 35mm film on crystal archive paper. Dimensions: 50.8 cm to 101.6 cm
11. Another auction lot - a bottle of perfume Monroe with a case for it. Nuit de Noel perfume by Caron in the old matte black glass bottle with a decorative gold foil label and faceted stopper. The original cardboard box covered with artificial shagreen. From inside the box lid can consider the words: «Caron 10 rue de la Paix Paris France». Frank Rosenberg, a colleague of Monroe in the movie, got this bottle of Marilyn. Height of bottle: 11.7 cm
12. Photo of 1952, Marilyn made ​​at home. It can be seen a bottle of perfume, as exhibited in the auction.
13. Photo from the collection «The Black Sitting», made ​​by Milton Greene serigraphy in 1953. Image size: 116.8 cm by 89 cm Price: 300 to 500 dollars.
14. This black and white photograph was taken during the honeymoon Marilyn and Joe Di Maggio, that they held in 1954 in Yaponii.Razmery photos: 35.6 cm by 28 cm Price: 300 to 500 dollars.
15. Journal of Playboy (HMH Publishing, 1953), which appeared on the cover of Monroe. It was the first issue of this magazine cost 50 cents per copy. Its release began in December 1953. Log sizes: 28 cm by 21.6 cm Price: 1,000 to 1,500 dollars.
16. Photo technology with silkscreen on canvas, depicting Marilyn with a bottle of perfume Chanel No. 5. Author photograph by Pietro Psae later gave it to Anna Nicole Smith. On the canvas is marked «A / P Proof» and «Not for public sale / Client design». Dimensions: 135.2 cm by 90.2 cm Price: 1,000 to 2,000 dollars.
17. This poster shows the image of Monroe Tedy Bars. Author photograph by Richard Avendom. Photo session in which Marilyn try on the images of legendary actresses, took place in 1958. Some of the images was published in LIFE. Image size: 58.4 cm by 71.1 cm Price: 200 to 400 dollars
18. Black and white photograph depicting Monroe Room The Actors Studio, was made by Roy Shatto. Photograph signed by the author, is marked on the reverse side of his stamp. Image size: 50.8 cm by 40.6 cm Price: 800 to 1200 dollars.
19. Erno Laszlo lotion, which belonged to Marilyn. On the lid of the bottle you can see the word "Laszlo". Size: 11.4 cm Price: 800 to 1200 dollars.
20. In this photo of Marilyn danced during the shooting of "Make love" (the film company 20th Century Fox, 1960). Under the contract with the studio's 1955-56, Monroe had to withdraw in four more films in seven years. By the end of 1960 the actress starred in only one film - "Bus Stop", so the offer to play in the movie "Let's make love" was handy for Marilyn. The reverse side contains a photo inscription: «John Bryson, Box 616, Beverly Hills, California». Image size: 33.8 cm by 25.4 cm Price: 200 to 400 dollars.
21. The picture from the last photo shoot Marilyn made ​​by Bert Stern. On the back of a stamp «Silver Screen». Dimensions: 35.6 cm by 28 cm Price: 300 to 500 dollars.
22. Marilyn boa fur Russian lynx in the lining of green wool. Approximate dimensions: 53.3 cm to 152.4 cm Price: from 8 to 10 thousand dollars.
23. Photo from the shooting of the film "The Misfits", filmed in 1961, film production company Seven Arts. In the photo: Marilyn Monroe, Clark Gable and El Valle. The reverse side contains a snapshot stamp «Silver Screen». Dimensions: 35.6 cm by 28 cm Price: 300 to 500 dollars.
24. The book of James Hood «The Making of the Misfits», the original name of which sounds like «The Misfits Journal: An Account of the Making of a Motion Picture», published in 1963. It contains 320 pages of printed and mimeographed, allowing readers to experience the film. The dimensions of the book: 28 cm by 23 cm by 5 cm Price: 400 to 600 dollars.
25. Another shot from the filming of "The Misfits". Also marked by a stamp «Silver Screen». Dimensions: 28 cm by 35.6 cm Price: 300 to 500 dollars.
26. A signed photograph of Monroe that accompanies the book "Marilyn" author Gloria Steinem. The photo was taken by George Burris in 1962. The picture is accompanied by a genuine letter from the publisher OneWest Publishing. Price: from 1000 to 2000 dollars.
27. Photo of Monroe, Burris made ​​using the Giclee technology. Numbered 173/200, from "05/16/2008", accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from OneWest Publishing. Image size: 50.8 cm by 40.6 cm Price: 600 to 800 dollars.
28. Another photo of Marilyn George Barris authorship made ​​in 1962. Numbering of 173/200 from "16/05/2008", certificate of authenticity from OneWest Publishing is attached. Dimensions: 50.8 cm by 40.6 cm Price: 600 to 800 dollars.
29. Color platinum print photograph, taken by George W. Burris. Numbering of 173/200 from "16/05/2008", certificate of authenticity from OneWest Publishing is attached. Dimensions: 50.8 cm by 40.6 cm Price: 600 to 800 dollars.
30. One out of ten shots from the set, made ​​in 1980 and published by Sunday B. Agency Morning. Color photograph transferred to the museum board. Blue ink on the back surrounding the stamp "agency Published Sunday B. Morning »and« put his signature. "Photo is framed in a frame, its dimensions: 89.5 cm to 89.5 cm Price: 300 to 500 dollars.

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