Bodybuilders around the world spend a lot of time and money to create the ideal from their point of view of the body. Many of them take steroids, hormones and diuretics.
Today, our collection is dedicated to bodybuilding competitions.

A. Issa Al-Hasni from Oman during the second "Asian beach games", held in Muscat from December 11, 2010. (Bryn Lennon - AFP / Getty Images)
2. The title "Mr. Afghanistan" got Shukrullo of Helmand province. This competition was held July 2, 2009 in Kabul. Earlier, the Taliban, the competition has been banned, athletes do not have the right to appear in public, even partially nude. (Shah Marai - AFP / Getty Images)
3. Italian Flora Comte before going on stage during the World Cup on bodybuilding and body fitness, held in Slovakia, June 13, 2009. (Joe Klamer - AFP / Getty Images)
4. Kamal Abdulsalam Abdulrahman from Qatar came in the final competition in bodybuilding, held in the 15th "Asian Games" in Doha, December 9, 2006. (Mike Hewitt - AFP / Getty Images)
5. Korean Jong Won Kim on "Asian beach games" in Bali, October 20, 2008. (Ezra Shaw - AFP / Getty Images)
6. Lauren Powers (left) and Brandon Meir on bodybuilding and bikini contest in Los Angeles, September 6, 2010. (Mark Ralston - AFP / Getty Images)
7. "The Asian Beach Games" in Muscat December 11, 2010. (Bryn Lennon - AFP / Getty Images)
8. Bodybuilder on stage 2 "Asian beach games" in Muscat, Oman. (Bryn Lennon - AFP / Getty Images)
9. Athlete of the annual competition of bodybuilding and bikini in Los Angeles. (Gabriel Bouys - AFP / Getty Images)
10. Bodybuilder from Afghanistan with a medal at the event in Kabul, August 6, 2007. (Paula Bronstein - AFP / Getty Images)
11. Bodybuilders show off their bodies in the competition jury, "Mr. Universe", held in Southport UK 24 October 2009. (Christopher Furlong - AFP / Getty Images)
12. Participants in the European Championship finals in bodybuilding preparing to go on stage in Sofia May 22, 2011. (Nikolay Doychinov - AFP / Getty Images)
13. Bodybuilder from India during a training session ahead of the competition, "Mumbai 2011" March 22, 2011. (Punit Paranjpe - AFP / Getty Images)
14. Competitor, "Mr. Universe" is preparing to perform in Southport October 24, 2009. (Christopher Furlong - AFP / Getty Images)
15. Afghan bodybuilder preparing to enter the scene in Kabul April 19, 2010. (Majid Saeedi - AFP / Getty Images)
16. Shooting athletes during the competition in Kabul April 19, 2010. (Majid Saeedi - AFP / Getty Images)
17. Bodybuilder Monir Mansour in the process of applying self-tanning. (Paula Bronstein - AFP / Getty Images)
18. John scrap - a former national team player for the New Zealand rugby. In the photo: an athlete preparing for a bodybuilding debut performance in Wellington, September 19, 2009. (Cameron Spencer - AFP / Getty Images)
19. Brazilian Samuel Vieira is crying, knowing that the winner of the International Championship NABBA finals in the United Kingdom October 27, 2007. (Sebastian Meyer - AFP / Getty Images)
20. Participants in the bodybuilding championships for amateurs in Southport October 27, 2007. (Sebastian Meyer - AFP / Getty Images)
21. Natalie Breik before going on stage at a bodybuilding championship at Dallas Brooks Centre in Melbourne on October 16, 2010. (Quinn Rooney - AFP / Getty Images)

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