It is pleasant at times to indulge your body spa treatments. However, it can be done as in a normal saloon, and in one of those extravagant facilities with unusual services, which will tell "Business Style".

For example, in Exposed Erotic Hair Salon in Las Vegas at your service - 20 fatal women in bikinis. They spread the martini, and may even shave a man who came to him, if he so wishes. You can quote here in the order of his mustache for $ 20.

Shop Galos Caves in Chicago promises to cure various ailments - asthma and other respiratory illnesses, allergies, ulcers, cardiovascular disease, etc. All you need to do - to get comfortable in one room cabin, where the walls are covered with salt from the black Sea, and deep breathing. Price of the issue - $ 135 for 10 sessions.
Quite so extravagant choice for lovers of exotic - Spa at Women's Prison in the city of Chiang Mai. He is a massage school, organized as part of rehabilitation programs of prisoners. Earned a prisoner at the school the money deposited into their account, after the release they will be able to use these tools.
Yunessun Spa Resort in Japan offers a standard procedure - for example, dip your body in various liquids. But the fact that these fluids are typically used to drink green tea, wine and coffee. Imagine a pot of about two meters in height, from which pours into the bath Green Tea - this is one of the services in the Yunessun Spa Resort. As stated, bath tea will allow you to saturate the body with antioxidants that help to fight cancer and strengthen the immune system.
If we take a coffee bath - with real coffee and hot water from natural sources - it will help to recover from exhaustion, and aroma of coffee exacerbate feelings. Bath with this red wine rejuvenate the body. Price of the issue - $ 23 on weekdays and 33 - at the weekend.
In New York Castle Spa All spa treatments are on the premises, whether similar to the locks, or the stone cave. There is a sauna with LEDs, which are, by color therapy to help clients achieve a balance of vital energy, to improve the emotional and psychological health. In New York Castle Spa and saunas are constructed, decorated with plates of real gold. This precious metal is used for medical purposes: it is beneficial to the sick limbs, helps to achieve the perfect balance of mind, body and soul.
The Italian hotel Hotel Heubad offer a rather unusual spa treatment - hay bath, when the client is wrapped in a towel and buried in the hay. These baths have been used for hundreds of years. The fact that the hay can deduce from the body of toxins and other poisonous substances.
The spa is Prospero's & Cathedral Caves in the hotel and resort Grotto Bay Beach Resort in Hamilton, Bermuda's capital offers spa treatments in these caves. In the two caves is the lake, illuminated from below, which gives it a special flavor underground cavities. The water in the lakes is quite cold, because here no sunlight penetrates. In the caves you can offer massage and other treatments are available for guests Grotto Bay Beach Resort and tourists from the neighboring island of St. George's for free.
Spa at Hotel Hershey Hotel, located in the settlement of Hershey in Pennsylvania, you can find a real paradise for chocolate lovers - there he will not only have their favorite food, but also literally bathe in it. It offers more than 12 chocolate spa treatments, from massage to facial masks. Sam spa is decorated in the style of the mansion, formerly owned by the Milton Hershey - founder of the first U.S. chocolate company "Hershey" and the aforementioned town.
Gran Hotel Las Caldas Villa Termal offers not just relax in the many spa rooms, and feel the atmosphere of the three different epochs and ages. The fact that the oldest part of Las Caldas Hotel was built in the XIX century and is still sists charm of that era.

In this grand luxury hotel has a spa, where medical use of water from its own thermal spring. It is located between the sea and mountains, in the green region of Asturias. The hotel is located in a place with picturesque scenery next to the river Nalon. It is equipped with ultramodern facilities, including all health and beauty features. In addition to holiday in the spa, you can play golf, stroll through the historic gardens or among the stunning scenery outside the hotel.

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