Yesterday drove to a gas station and could not resist the curiosity. Drove to a beautiful man and a wheelbarrow, too, decided podzalit gasoline. I approached him and a little talk with him. Asked permission to make a few pictures. He said, "Go ahead, phot." As a fan motors, I asked him, "and not tell the hood, and then the passion for hunting to look at the petrol engine." To my surprise, the man did not pontovatsya, opened and allowed to make some pictures engine compartment.

The owner of cars turned out to be quite adequate and very willing to answer my questions. As I understand it, the car, this '76 release. In Norway, it imported 11 years ago.
Generally, in Norway a little bit of American cars. (As well as imported from abroad)
They have the same duties on a fantastic clearance. (Although, unlike Russia, the people in Norway are quite capable of it to pay)
However, cars older than 30 years no longer fall under the normal customs clearance ..
They have customs clearance as a "veteran car" (about a cheap entry price)

it has given me hope in the future to buy himself something of such things to comfort the main UWB old man's sorrow - the lack of a good erection

ps-as long as I'm concerned about just the functionality of the machine (my old Colt is visible in the background)

In addition to my interest in this handsome charging other visitors .. They also came up and clicked their tongues ...
clear peppers gig in Norway throughout the year does not go ...
Just turned out to be a warm spring day and the guy decided to ride my daughter. Anyway, these cars here called the "weekend car"

Some people accuse me of that "little comments .. some pics"
But I think, here, and so everything is clear. wheelbarrow good

Well, four and a snack pictures hood space.
If I'm not confused, then the motor, this volume in 8.2 liters
Of course, in those days as it was rumored among the people, "America does not sell gasoline, and distribute"
Therefore, could afford to install such engines.

ps just noticed, is this a spare battery?

? on this photo shows that he is not connected
Unfortunately, there was no time to consider in detail the engine space ...
I was approached by an employee filling, and said that my car to prevent other podehat column .. had a quick phot.

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