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What exactly happened during the night April 14, 1912? "Titanic" was regarded as unsinkable, but the first flight he ran into an iceberg and sank. Around 1500 people were killed. Since then, the wreckage of a giant ship lying at the bottom of the North Atlantic at a depth of 3800 m

Titanic on the ocean floor

Scientists managed to create the most accurate map yet the scene. Some have made about 130 000 photographs and recordings of sound waves. Typically, the tomb of the famous cruise ship is in complete darkness.

A fragment of the boiler

Pictures made ​​in 2010 with two remote-controlled submarines. "Titanic" and the seabed was shot on video and measured using sound waves. Particular attention was paid to the heaps of rubble. Oceanographers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in the U.S. state of Massachusetts and the U.S. Weather Service NOAA supported researchers. Now TV «History Channel» will present the results of the public.

Titanic railings

Pictures of the seabed area measuring 8 by 5 km show that happened at night in April, 100 years ago, said Paul-Henri Nargeolet, leader of the expedition. Traces at the bottom, for example, argue that the feed vessel when submerged rotated, the rear part of the helicopter.

A door from the interior of Titanic on the ocean floor

At the bottom are also five large steam boilers, sunroof, a revolving door, a piece of the ship's hull weighing 49 tons, and other items that apparently sank to the bottom upon impact. Now, computer simulations, which are made on the basis of photographs must show the exact course of events during this historical disaster. Perhaps, we obtain new data on the defects in the construction of this huge ship, which was considered a miracle of technology.

Food Props Titanic
Steam boilers Titanic
Pictures of the Titanic, made in 2010
Commemorative plaque expeditions that visited the Titanic
Computer animation of the Titanic wreck
Map of the Titanic wreck
Map of the back of the Titanic
Complete map of the Titanic at a depth of 3800 meters

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