These expensive watch - something more than just a device for calculating time. A good watch should go through the owner. Time may be precious, but it really is priceless? If you have had such a watch, you would think so! Here are the 10 most expensive watches in the world, many of which cost more than one person can make in his life.

10. $ 734,000 - pocket watch Breguet
Created centuries ago Breguet - a pocket pouch of 18-karat yellow gold with hand-built mechanism and a rotating lid

9. $ 800,000 - Watches Blancpain 1735, Grande Complication
At an assembly of all components of the 740 hours of classic elegance Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication took more than 10 months. This watch with automatic winding placed in a platinum casing with a diameter 31.5 mm with 44 stones. Watches are equipped with perpetual calendar (date, day of week, month, leap year, moon phases), split with two chronograph second hand and minute repeater. The cost of 800,000 dollars and 9th place in the ranking of "most expensive watches in the world"

Louis Moinet - the first and only brand in the world, creating a clock showing the real piece of the moon. This 2000-year-old lunar meteorite is used for displaying the lunar phases in the century-old and an extremely complex mechanism Magistralis complications such as minute repeater, perpetual calendar and single-button chronograph. Incredibly complex of 5N rose gold casing is made up of 90 different parts, and packaging is extremely interesting to watch and functional: Louis Moinet offers the first musical instrument for hours thanks to a special stand, which aims to enhance the audio repeater mechanism. Finally, the original copy of the famous TraitE Louis Moinet's d'Horlogerie brings the final touch to the fascinating history of this watch. Magistralis - extraordinary watches that combine time-honored excellence Art Haute Horlogerie. These expensive watches - one of a kind different from any other

7. $ 1 million - Watches Hublot Black Caviar Bang
Hublot presents the embodiment of "hidden visibility" in the body only black tones! Using only black diamonds, brand watch maker and workshop Bunter SA have developed together a masterpiece with a completely invisible cut. This is the "first" in the world of technological and artistic achievement. Dream realization of ideas manufacturer Hublot - hidden visibility, "All Black", watchmaking tradition and advanced technology have received appreciation by creativity, ingenuity and a touch of "madness", which has prompted developers to create this masterpiece. The high level of micro-mechanical sophistication, combined with the dexterity of human hands was the result of a One Million $ Black Caviar Bang. Interestingly enough, cut hours: the difficulty lies in establishing lines of shell unusual Big Bang - the round, but at the same time, with sharp corners. At the one-piece body design made of white gold can not find any one face, and as if by magic, combined with diamonds, processed mysterious ways. Black and deep tones of diamonds, which are only visible detail, shine their harmonious combination.

6. $ 1.1 million - The Chopard Super Ice Cube
The total weight of diamonds used to create the watch Chopard Super Ice Cube, who took 6th place in the ranking of "most expensive watches in the world", is 66 carats. Hours have nothing to do with modesty, consistency and elegance. Most vociferous than restrained luxury, externally they resemble a piece of ice, sparkling in the summer sun. However, the ice would have cost much less expensive: the price at my watch - 1.1 million dollars.

5. $ 1.3 million - Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon

Swiss watches from Patek Philippe brand very often fall into the list of most expensive watches in the world. Sky Moon Tourbillon, got on line 5, although not the most expensive brands among models, but it certainly has a reputation as the most difficult. Watch, whose cost comes to $ 1.3 million, have two dial, perpetual calendar, retrograde date, time zone and moon phase indicator.
4. $ 1.5 million - Vacheron Constantin Tour de l'Ile

2. $ 11 million - Patek Phillipe's Supercomplication
His creation Supercomplication house Patek Phillipe can truly be proud of, because in this model can be measured supereksklyuzivnoy the quality and experience of the Swiss company. Chronometer was made in 1932 by order of Henry Graves, a New York banker and collector of expensive watches, wished to have the most technically complicated watch in the world. Suffice it to say that implementing such a complicated order out as much as 5 years. As a result, came to light hours of the 900 parts to the body of 18-karat gold and silver-plated dial, which now occupy the 2nd place in the ranking. One of the most interesting advantages of these hours with 24 different functions - the night sky in the window dial looks like from the window Graves family home in New York (you can see all the stars and the Milky Way). At the same time one of the functions - to show the exact time of sunrise and sunset in New York.

1. $ 25 million - 201-carat Chopard

The most expensive watches today have created a master of the cult brand Chopard, combining to achieve clock and jewelry. Wrist-watch, which the company released on the eve of 2008 - one of the most extravagant ideas that have ever been born in the minds of watchmakers. Mad Money rely for the mountain of diamonds, which is littered with small dial, hidden in the center of the clock. The three main gems are in the shape of the heart - white, red and blue. The total weight of the heart-shaped diamond of 38 carats, whereas the weight of all stones inlaid into the watch is 200 carats. It should be noted that the accessory is not only crazy-expensive, but also stylish, but a woman that could refuse such a gift, really hard to imagine.

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