Ilian Iliev started his career in photography as a photojournalist. He later moved to London and began professionally engaged in commercial photography. After participating in several projects as a marketing assistant, Ilian continued to develop his own unique style, which consists in an amazing combination of high commercial appeal and artistic merit. Who is behind with Iliana more than a decade of experience, both in studio and outdoors. He specializes in shooting still lifes, which include food and beverages. Photographer myself fascinated and talented chef, he loves to cook and trying to convey his passion through pictures.

food carving, food, wood
In a series called "thread", Ilian fully demonstrates his skill and fine art photos of food.
Unfortunately, it is not known whether he Ilian created these amazing artifacts for a photo shoot, and he was assisted by a skilled craftsman who are professionally engaged in carving food, or how it sounds in English, «food carving».

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