In making tea or coffee, as in trimming the bangs, has its own nuances and essential criteria, failure of which will affect the final result. Care must be struck between not cooling the drink too much and without trimming bangs too short and burning mouth coffee will not bring any pleasure, as well as bangs covering her eyes. To solve the problem of the "ideal coffee" helps project Coffee Joulies, metal device in the form of a huge grain of coffee, which will regulate the temperature of the drink, then cooling it, then heating up again.

The coffee granules in a stainless steel filled with a special sticky substance that melts when the liquid in the cup reaches 60 degrees or higher, absorbing heat and thus cooling the drink. But should only drink a temperature fall below 60 degrees, as the filler material again becomes viscous and dense, returning the previously selected heat and warming the liquid.

The size of one such grain Coffee Joulies no more than half a hen's egg, and it will be sufficient for regulating the temperature of 140 grams of liquid. These accessories are "packaged" into special cloth bags, similar to the ones that sell real coffee elite varieties. The developers claim that very soon planning to launch Coffee Joulies in production in New York, and they already have several thousand pre-orders. It is expected that retail thermostat will cost about $ 10. Here is a video

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