The biggest stadium in the world located in the capital Democratic People's Republic of Korea, the city of Pyongyang. The stadium, named by the stadium, "May Day", was built in 1989 in record time - two and a half years. The project was created for the government of North Korea and has been specially commissioned for the first of May, as originally intended.

The area's largest stadium in the world - two million square meters, height - 60 meters. Simultaneously, the stadium can be 150 000. This magnificent building has eight floors of tiers, eight inputs (outputs). Project developers have taken into account that the event will come a lot of people, so have provided everything to eliminate the possibility of a stampede during an emergency. For this reason, the outputs from the stadium as much as eight. In addition to the main field in the inner rooms of the structure there are a few gyms, pools, exercise rooms, dining room, equipped with the most modern kitchen appliances, as well as TV and radio room.
Along with the title "May Day" has another stadium, no less widespread - "Rungrado" because it is located on the same island, situated on the River Taedong. Full name of the building - "May Day Stadium Rungrado."
It is worth noting that the stadium construction engineers were able to realize the most ambitious ideas. If you look at the building from the top, you can see what it looks like a huge flower with sixteen petals in the center of inflorescence - the arena. Some see the outlines of a giant stadium parachute descended to the water.

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