Modern sculptors adorn the city is very strange creatures, whose meaning is not clear quite an ordinary person, and artistic merit raises many questions. Today, we selected ten ugliest monuments in the world.

Abbe Faria Monument
Goa, India

Remember the Abbe Faria, who was in prison with the future Count of Monte Cristo? This man - not the imagination of Alexandre Dumas. He was a descendant of Indian priests, and, in fact, first introduced to Europe with hypnosis. Jose Custodio de Faria was born in Goa, with 15 years of living in Europe, took part in the French Revolution, advocated the liberation of Goa. Being 17 years in prison in the Chateau d'If, he practiced yoga. When released from prison (and not dead, as in the novel!), Engaged in healing and hypnosis. At home commemorated on compatriot and in 1945 he set up this absurd monument, which depicts the moment Faria hypnotic effect on the patient.

New York, USA

It turns out that this strange design should evoke a metronome: seven digits to the left show the real-time and seven digits on the right indicate as many hours left to live before the end of the day. From the hole in the center of a trickle flow of steam, at noon and midnight, marked its powerful jet. Under the gold leaf fragment of rock on which was erected Manhattan - this rock is a symbol of geologic time. The authors of this "art", created in 1999, tried to say that it can be considered differently, that it is, in general, with respect, and remind him of transience.

A statue of Michael Jackson
London, UK

Londoners are still wondering why the owner of Fulham Football Club, Mohamed Al-Fayed (father and friend of Princess Diana - Dodi) commissioned a terrible statue of his friend Michael Jackson, and even placed it near the stadium (despite the fact that the singer had not keen on football). Sculptor captures a celebrity, dressed in black trousers and a silver jacket, one hand in a glove Jackson and the other he holds a microphone. At the opening of this masterpiece Al-Fayed said that all those who do not like it, can "go to hell."

Monument to Peter the Great
Moscow, Russia

As soon as this giant is not called names that appeared on the bank of the figure of Peter the Muscovites, no matter how much discussed rumors that actually Zurab Tsereteli created Columbus, but did not find anyone to sell it, and made-up him by the Russian Emperor, and none said that it should be quickly dismantled, but in the end no one dared to rid our city of the terrible creatures of the Georgian sculptor. It turned out that the cost of dismantling incredibly high, and is cheaper to live with this eyesore.

Seoul, South Korea
This strange metal structure, vaguely reminiscent of a rose, collapsed from corruption of the airframe, located in Seoul at the headquarters of a major steel company. Its creator - a famous sculptor and designer, Frank Stella, named it after his friend's daughter, who died in the crash. The townspeople wanted to move the creepy creature in a museum, but realized that it would cost quite expensive, and then tried to hide it with a small group of trees.

Vigeland Sculpture Park
Oslo, Norway

In the west Norwegian capital is a huge park filled with sculptures of a single sculptor - Gustav Vigeland. Connoisseurs of fine attributed to this pile of human flesh profound symbolic meaning, according to his tale of fatalism - the main theme of art in the first half of XX century. But the ordinary man in the street see only ugly giant composition of bound nudes, angry-age infants, women with pigtails-predatory snakes - they are quite capable of spoiling your appetite during the picnic, of course, if you decide to get him in the park.

"Savior of life"
Duisburg, Germany

Colorful tasteless creations of French skulptorshi Niki de Saint-Phalle known around the world. You could already see them in parks or museums in different countries. And in German erotic sculpture Duisburg plump lady in a bathing suit, merged in the ecstasy of an unidentified creature, like a huge bird with thick legs and claws red daunting, even became a symbol of the city. Apparently, the Germans saw in it something of their own, understandable only to them.

Paris, France
In general, in the middle of the skyscrapers of the modern district of La Defense in Paris this 12-foot finger the place: it is much worse if he had grown out of the ground somewhere in the middle of the Place Vendome and the Tuileries park. But the fathers of the French capital have decided not to put such experiments and removed it from my eyes away - at the Paris ring road - Pereferik. Incidentally, the sculptor Cesar made ​​happy Baldachini copies of his own thumb, not only France but the United States and South Korea.

"Durer Rabbit"
Nuremberg, Germany

The Germans are a strange way commemorate the great graphics: the house-museum in Nuremberg Albrecht Durer, a monument, a caricature. Do you remember the famous dyurerovsky figure, which captured the artist touching tan animal? The sculpture is a giant carcass of a rabbit, crushing the man begin to eat small rabbits.

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