Finishing school, we are faced with a choice of profession, which would determine our future. Went to college, we listen to the advice of parents, more experienced colleagues and to ourselves. We spend time to study, do not sleep on the sessions, hoping to get the coveted diploma, and then suddenly start to work in a completely different industry.

Vox Populi interviewed 17 characters - who they are and what the profession is now involved?

1. Arthur studied outs in the specialty "industrial civil engineering," now works as director of the LCD "Astana"

- After graduation I worked in the profession, but the wave of the crisis that has engulfed the construction industry of Kazakhstan, left me without a job. After a long forced vacation, I got a job in the position of manager of CSC, and has grown to the level of director of the housing

2. Myrzabek Zhunusov specialty dentist who is a manager in a furniture showroom

- Despite the fact that I was a childhood dream to be a lawyer, the parents insisted on me to become a dentist, as the niche of lawyers was at that time filled. As a result, finding work, now I sell furniture

3. Roman Belousov financier by profession, but works as a programmer and DJ

- My parents - financiers, and despite the fact that from childhood I was fond of music and computers, have decided to do it on the Finance Department. In the end, the love of technology is still overcame the desire to please their parents, so soon after graduating from college, I got a job in the company to the position of the programmer, and started to work on the weekends DJ

4. Nurmahan translator by profession Turkish-Kazakh language, in fact - TV broadcasters

- Unfortunately, my desire for the translation business and has remained at the institute. True passion was the stage. At first I was a KVN, then unwittingly moved into television, and now worked as a senior, an editor and reporter for three different channels

5. Wagga Milo musician by profession, but in real life - the photographer

- My childhood I was curious and versatile, so I often get tossed from one extreme to another. By the way, studying at the institute on keyboards and a drummer, I managed to struggle in international competitions for the national team of Kazakhstan in Thai boxing and wushu Sanda. However, after the injury had to engage with a professional sport. In the musical sphere, too, did not want to go, and then floated to the surface of children's passion for photography

6. Anuar Nurpeisov studied the specialty "Design, construction and operation of oil pipelines and oil storage tanks", is now working actor, entertainer and music producer for beginners

- I wanted to be a second-year oilman, but then suddenly realized that I want something more creative. I applied for participation in the film "Racketeer", but failed. But my sample stayed in the game, and when looking for the heroes of the series "Againdy" I got the call. Thus began my acting career. I've always loved what they do, and I am sure that if you invest in it heart and soul - will necessarily result

7. Anna graduated from the Faculty of Philology Ryashin specialty "Applied Linguistics", now works as a singer and make-up artist

- Own a diploma, I received in Treasury and believed that'll be a good technician. But in the 4th year of college I was invited to become a soloist with the group "Rahat delight." Speaking at a concert, I realized how important it is to always look beautiful. Therefore, enrolled in courses makeup, started working and became a professional makeup artist. I am now the owner of 10 degrees in the arts make-ana

8. Sarin by profession a teacher of junior classes, is now working as an assistant Secretary General Shooting Federation of Kazakhstan

- I graduated from high school in the States, and when I returned to Kazakhstan, won a scholarship to study in the specialty "teacher of junior classes." But after I worked at the Asian Games Volunteer, I realized that I would like to work in the sports industry. All the same teacher - a vocation and state of mind. I, unfortunately, this feeling is not

9. Meyerbek Erkebay could become a veterinarian, but the driver was

- I graduated from the Veterinary Institute 32 years ago. Then I could not find work in my field, so for 30 years worked as a driver. At this point, I Kamaz driver

10. Tatiana Anizrum studied in psychology, but has become a stylist

- I graduated from the Moscow Modern Humanitarian Academy. In that distant year 2000, the annual cost of education in Moscow was $ 2,000. Unfortunately, this expensive training itself is not justified, he returned to Almaty, I could only offer employment to 15 thousand tenge in kindergarten. So I went to work in an oil company manager, where she worked for 2.5 years. But I was still tormented by something. Every girl has a passion for beautiful clothes, I have this passion was very strong. In the end, I decided to become a stylist and. Now I am happy and with their jobs and salaries

11. Marat Omarov graduated from the Moscow Military University of Foreign Languages​​, but his name is closely associated with the organization of charity balls in Kazakhstan

- Life itself has put everything in place. Back from Moscow to Almaty, I worked as a translator with a salary of $ 100 per month. A couple of years started international travel, and once, when I arrived in Moscow, I saw the ball and realized that this was exactly what I want to do

12. Azimbaeva Aisulu financier by profession, but now works in network marketing

- I studied at the American Institute in Dubai, where tuition was 15 thousand dollars a year. At the time of receipt, to be a financier - it was very cool, and in principle I am well aware of mathematics. But after graduation, I arrived in Almaty and began working at an advertising agency, then moved to another position already on the project manager for advertising, then starred in the movie, and now engaged in network marketing

13. Sasha Sysoev aka Kaze Shadr graduated with a degree "Inoformatsionnye System", now working as a teacher of dances

- After graduation in front of me was a difficult choice - to dance (I was a very popular break-dansery) or yet to become a technician. But I loved dancing with all my heart, so hard choices made ​​in their favor. Now I teach at a dance studio and stand for different dance team

14. Nargiza Dzhamiaksakalova as a lawyer, but now works in the accounting

- I thought I was a lawyer - this is what I need, but in reality it was not. I am fond of school mathematics, and so when I was offered a job as an accountant in the firm, I suddenly realized that I was interesting

15. In Akana Musakulova three education: he psychologist, a specialist in public relations and marketing, now Akan film director

- I'm in school was always looking for something that I would like to do. Finishing the regular education, I started with my friends to gain experience in one of the production centers. This work was also associated with searching for its place. From a designer I went to sound engineer, sound engineer from the director, and now I really enjoy my profession.

16. Daria Kasenova dreamed and learned to architect, but now works as a sales manager in the studio

- After graduation, I worked even a little architect, fulfilling her childhood dream. The severe crisis has not spared anyone, and putting aside his degree with honors on the shelf, I sat in the bridal salon seller. After some time my friend opened their own web-shop clothes. But my main job - studio, and yet I sometimes worked in clubs as a fire-show participants

17. Arnur Makulbekov technician by profession-saver, but now sells clothing

- In 2005 I enrolled in the Karaganda Polytechnic University, the faculty of "life safety", but after graduation, I came to Almaty and realized that my profession is not so vosstrebovan, and the salary does not cover, so I started selling clothes and I love it

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