Today was lucky to visit the exhibition of baleen, striped, furry and bald joys) it is taking place in Kiev and was the effect these things XV Open Championship of Ukraine.

Kittens and Jerry Dyke. The exhibition is not involved, but to actively support the mom and kids cheer
Three baby again, this time the British came from the nursery)
And this baby Maine Coon. He is only 5 months, but already weighs over 4 pounds, in the future a brilliant representative of the breed. Communication with his mistress alone pleased me - a very nice woman.
But this beauty is waiting for its release into the ring
To the Sphinx special love do not cherish, but in this case it was a pity these kids - on the street -25, and in the pavilion is not hot, so that these cuties adorned in pledikah, catsuit and even
Another miracle. Only on this show knew how I like cats tortoiseshell
I can still share one observation - iza weather and wild tempo at work all week just felt disgusting. But having spent a half hour of these furry joy, I realized that all the sickness vanished
Elegant babe posing for everyone to take pictures
just solar kittens

And here is the very poster.
Do not feel sorry for such a campaign. Very elevated tone of communication with the little animals and their owners. In general, the exhibition featured more than 100 top representatives of their breeds, some of which I myself first saw. Impressions simply magical!

On this occasion I would like to thank all the kind people and organizations that are on the same show donated to an animal shelter.

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