+Man called 911 five times iPhone
+Man called 911 five times iPhone, Man Called 911 Five Times IPhone, While the iPhone is arguably one of the best phones available right now, it can still be a little tricky and potentially cause some headaches. Even in cases of absolute frustration, my advice is that it’s still probably best to call the people over at Apple’s Genius Bar instead of 911.

Meet Michael Alan Skopec from Chicago – he can tell you all about how that worked out for him. He was arrested the other night after he called the police to complain about his iPhone malfunctioning. Before anyone attempts to come to his defense, he called 5 times. Immediately this begs so many questions: what was actually wrong with his phone?

What exactly did he want the police could do about it? If his phone was broken, how was he able to call 911? Although I guess ridiculous actions like this never quite make sense to those of us that use or brains on a daily basis.

As would be expected, police began getting fed up with Skopec’s calls coming in throughout the night, so they traced the calls and were able to locate his address.

“Disorderly conduct quickly became resisting an officer and Skopec was promptly arrested”

Officers were dispatched to Skopec’s residence with something like “disorderly conduct” circling around in their minds. Skopec however, had a little more that he wanted to add to his rap sheet. Upon their 1am arrival, police found Skopec to be very drunk and uncooperative.

Skopec refused to listen to the officers’ commands and reportedly became grumpy. Disorderly conduct quickly became resisting an officer and Skopec was promptly arrested. He was released shortly after being booked, and is now scheduled to appear back in court on November 18. We all have our battles with our phones when Angry Birds crashes it’s extremely frustrating, believe me.

However, even drunk, I’m still more likely to call an ex-girlfriend and blame her for everything wrong with my phone then 911. I wonder if this guy knows the idiot that my paramedic friend encountered – who called an ambulance because he needed a Band-Aid.

When are people going to learn that 911 is for emergency situations? As hilarious as the stories are, a broken iPhone or McDonalds running out of chicken nuggets do not constitute as a legitimate emergency.

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