An interesting competition with the maids in the art of decorative folding towels arranged for the family of our fellow citizens.
Read the report, pretty cool.

Returned to the hotel room and were surprised what they see. While we were walking on the bed ...
... there were jellyfish. Beautiful. Do not expect to see this. Pleasantly surprised.

The next day, again a pleasant surprise. Something floats.
 And the next day on the bed lay an elephant.
 Leaving the room, decided to answer here is a palm tree by the sea
And got a response of white swans!
 After this grace, had to miss a move. This track was out of the competition.
 Well, here again, someone hooliganism, while we did not!
 Had to leave the protection of the room.
Lost crocodile and fish lost! Went to play for high stakes.
We missed the turn. And breakfast is also missed.
 Team chambermaids finishes beautifully.

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