If you are a true lover of beer, then you should know that in most western part of Czech beer is the real paradise.
In the village Khodova Plan famous brewer Chodovar offer you everything that you can only dream of.
The beer spa you can not only taste delicious natural beer, but beer and take a bath and relax
a massage with an extract of beer and get the medical packs of high quality malt!
The most interesting thing in the fountain on the other hand ... On the other hand there is the tap from which flows ... Beer! And each had an excursion can try freshest beer directly at the source, so to speak.

 In the village Khodova Plan is truly a paradise for beer lovers.
Family brewer "Chodovar" can offer you something that you can only dream ...
Not only that here is brewed beer and drink beer here even bathe in beer ...
Yes, it's not a typo, here you will make a bath of beer namassiruyut oil with an extract of beer and make the compressor from beer malt.
But in order.
Khodova Plan is 155 kilometers from Prague. about a half hour drive.

 Here in these tanks and brew beer.
 Courtyard fountain. They say that from this source and has its origins Chodovar. But the interesting thing is not there.
And a beer ...
Dream chesslovo, the dream of any pivopiytsy ...
 And it is maturing barley, there is very humid and warm.

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