Many modern artists, whether they like it or not, for once in my life been close to the style of Michael Jackson on stage and in life. And all because the King of Pop was really great.

Like all artists of her generation, Lady Gaga tribute to Michael Jackson's "creative" debt. And this is expressed not only in its role as an innovator in terms of video (although mega-merit Gaga in this respect, too, considerable). Jackson wore a stunning metallic costume back in the days when Gaga wearing only diapers.
And though his elegant attire Gaga could wear anywhere - from the award ceremony «MTV VMA» to vent her younger sister - he unwittingly brings to mind a time when weary of the paparazzi, Michael Jackson began walking around Beverly Hills in a black surgical mask. (In Bahrain, he was wearing a burqa).
Rihanna also recently borrowed some ideas from the treasury of the style of Michael Jackson. Last week, her label said that "our border for the next album - 'Thriller' Michael Jackson '- alluding to the fact that every song on this album is a hit. Rihanna took samples for her song "Don't Stop the Music" from a song by Michael «Wanna Be Startin 'Somethin», in addition, it is not often seen in dresses, suits reminiscent of Jackson, for example, in those socks, are strongly reminiscent of the famous couple Michael sock with glitter.
It is difficult now to find the pop star's style is not influenced by Michael Jackson. This month, Usher performed his hit "OMG" in a neat black hat and jacket.
 Beyonce also wore once a military uniform in the style of Michael Jackson.
And the shiny metal glove that Beyonce wore on his left hand after the release of the single "Single Ladies", as though it were inspired by the famous Michael Jackson's glove.
Denim shorts with rhinestones that Perry put on shooting the video for "California Gurls", was reminded of Michael Jackson, because he liked to add an incredible amount of sparkle to everyday things such as jackets, shirts (again) socks.
Justin Timberlake borrows a sense of the scene in Jackson, and sometimes he also uses his famous hat. In 2001 they performed together at a charity concert of Jackson.
Even 11-year-old actor Jaden Smith, begot much better after days in the career of Jackson, recently paid tribute to the style of the King of Pop: the premiere of "Kid-Karate" on June 10 he appeared on the red carpet in black trousers, white shirt and mint copy red-black leather jacket from Jackson's music video "Thriller".

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